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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 11 Recap

Han Chunming talked to Sharanhou about buying a house, and Sharanhou agreed to lend him money. Li Chengtao told Meng Xiaoxing that Cai Xiaoli had gone to Tianjin, and Meng Xiaoxing repeatedly persuaded him. Su Meng squeezed the bus home after get off work, but Han Chunming didn’t come to pick her up as promised. Mother Han saw that Han Chunming had offended Su Meng again. Meng Xiaoxing feels very enjoyable to be the manager of the tea house.

Han Mu persuades her to care about Li Chengtao, but Meng Xiaoxing likes Han Chunming with all his heart. When Su Meng looked for Han Chunming at night, he saw Meng Xiaoxing in the house, but Han Chunming had not yet returned home.

Li Chengtao was stopped by Meng Xiaoxing after he came out of the office. He wanted to find Han Chunming. Li Chengtao thought about it for three days and three nights. He had a lot to say to Han Chunming. When Han Chunming arrived, he was called to the office. After returning home, Cheng Jianjun told his family that he was going to get married.

The family was surprised. Cai Xiaoli became the general manager of a company affiliated to the instrument bureau. Cheng Jianjun planned to take her home for her parents to meet. Cheng Mu believed his vision. Han Chunming went to pick her up after Su Meng got off work, and Han Chunming was a little angry when she saw her. When Han Chunming saw Cai Xiaoli and Cheng Jianjun go home, Cheng Jianjun also invited him to have a wedding wine.

Han Chunming talked to Cheng Jianjun, but Cheng Jianjun refused to listen to persuasion. Han Chunming told Su Meng that Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli were getting married. It was set for August 1, and Su Meng was not surprised. Han Chunming brought wine to Uncle Guan’s house, and Uncle Guan guessed from the fragrance of the wine that it was him. Uncle Guan told Han Chunming about the origin of the four small enamel bowls. Only then did Han Chunming know the descendants of Shabby Hou’s father Zeng Wangye. Han Chunming introduced Uncle Guan’s granddaughter Guan Xiaoguan to Li Chengtao’s restaurant as a manager, and Meng Xiaoxing became a waiter again.

After Guan Xiaoguan took office, he reiterated his discipline, but Meng Xiaoxing refused. Guan Xiaoguan came to the office and asked Li Chengtao to serve tea and pour water. She had to read the account book. She was nicknamed Lazy Cat and suggested that he should return all the meat from the kitchen because there is no quarantine stamp. After Han Chunming saw the piano, he asked Teacher Xu to study. He just wanted to have fun. Meng Xiaoxing teased Guan Xiaoguan deliberately in the restaurant, and Guan Xiaoguan was accidentally burned by the soup.

Li Chengtao knew that Guan Xiaoguan was scalded and bought the ointment. Meng Xiaoxing was proud of the scald Guan Xiaoguan. Afterwards, Guan Xiaoguan asked Meng Xiaoxing to bear the responsibility for breaking the soup bowl. Meng Xiaoxing faced punishment and couldn’t say anything. Also cried aggrieved. Meng Xiaoxing complained to Han Mu after returning home. She felt that there were too many people in the city.

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