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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 10 Recap

Cai Xiaoli came to Cheng Jianjun’s office. She felt that Cheng Jianjun’s statement was a bit risky, but Cheng Jianjun had a boss’s account book, so the business was no risk. Cheng Jianjun asked Cai Xiaoli to let her marry him, and he spoke ill of Han Chunming in front of Cai Xiaoli. . Li Chengtao was a little worried about Cai Xiaoli’s delay in coming home. Cai mother guessed that she might be at his girlfriend’s house. Cai Xiaoli is a very emotional person. She doesn’t want to marry him easily. Cheng Jianjun’s purpose for marrying her is not pure.

Cheng Jianjun believed that Cai Xiaoli would like him. Before Cai Xiaoli left, she reminded him again not to go to restaurants to look for her in the future. Li Chengtao waited for her at the door of Cai Xiaoli’s house, where he waited for three hours, also to show his sincerity, Cai Xiaoli asked him to go back earlier. Li Chengtao approached Cai Xiaoli to discuss with him to go home to meet his family, but Cai Xiaoli did not want to go back with him. When Broken Hou invited people to Li Chengtao’s restaurant, he did not check the bill after the meal. Li Chengtao waived the bill after listening to his words, but was confused.

When Han Chunming returned home and heard the noise outside, he hurried out. Su Meng knocked on the window to call him. She knew that he had just returned from a business trip and the procedures for Han Chunming’s company were almost completed, only cutting the ribbon. Li Chengtao did not understand why Cai Xiaoli always ran to his girlfriend Li Yuping’s house. He felt that she should not treat Han Chunming like that. Su’s father was going to the hospital for a review.

Su Meng asked Han Chunming to help find a car, and he agreed. Cheng Jianjun handed over all the procedures of Jian’an Company to Cai Xiaoli. Cai Xiaoli was confused by him. She felt that Cheng Jianjun was playing with marriage. Cheng Jianjun lied that she liked her since she jumped in the line.

Hou Su’e took the colored bowl from Han Chunming’s home, and Han Chunming ran out very anxiously to get one back. After Cai Xiaoli returned to the restaurant, she talked to Li Chengtao about withdrawing from the stock. Li Chengtao talked to Han Chunming and went to Cai Xiaoli’s house. Cai’s mother did not know. Han Chunming asked Li Chengtao to return to the teahouse first, and he rode a motorcycle to find Cai Xiaoli. Su Meng was too late to wait for Han Chunming to find a car to pick up his father to see a doctor.

Han Chunming forgot because of his busyness, so Su Meng had to take a taxi to the hospital with his family. Han Chunming found Cai Xiaoli in the inspection team. Cai Xiaoli told him that Cheng Jianjun was going to marry herself. Han Chunming was very surprised. He questioned Cai Xiaoli when Cheng Jianjun stepped forward and stopped.

Li Chengtao was very disappointed after hearing what Han Chunming said. Meng Xiaoxing came to the restaurant and wanted Han Chunming to find another job. Han Chunming arranged for her to watch Li Chengtao closely and never let him leave the restaurant. After Han Chunming returned home, he realized that he had forgotten to agree to Su Meng.

He asked Su Meng to explain and said that Cai Xiaoli and Cheng Jianjun were getting married. When they were talking, Grandma Su saw them and they were shocked. Cai Xiaoli and Cheng Jianjun, the fellow citizens of Cai’s mother, changed her view of Han Chunming. Cai’s mother told Li Chengtao about Cai Xiaoli’s choice. Li Chengtao promised to send the money within three days, and he did not want to see Cai Xiaoli again in the future.

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