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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 81 End Recap

Wan Yun finally woke up, Fulin felt relieved. In order to make up for her, Fulin wanted Li Wanyun to be the queen. Da Yuer strongly opposed the political stability of the Qing Dynasty. Fulin is not convinced, Wanyun is gentle and graceful, dignified and virtuous, why can’t he stand up? He thought it was his mother’s selfishness, and the Queen of Qing Dynasty only allowed the Mongols to occupy it. Yu’er agreed to abolish Namuqi, which was a compromise.

She wanted Fulin to choose another queen from Horqin. Wu Keshan’s grand-niece is a suitable candidate. Fulin can ignore her and ignore her, but the title of the queen must be given to the Mongols. Only with Mongolia’s support can the Great Qing Dynasty be stable. Wan Yun didn’t want Fulin because she and her mother had a rift again. She wanted Fulin to be frustrated. She didn’t want to be a queen because her name was too heavy. She doesn’t want this kind of halo, as long as Fulin has her in her heart, she will be content.

Six years later, Wan Yun gave birth to the fourth elder brother, and Fulin was ecstatic. Da Yuer had been taking care of her grandson Xuan Ye, and learned that Wan Yun had given birth to an elder brother, and knew that there was going to be another uproar in the court. Fulin regarded Si elder brother as a beloved darling and went to court unintentionally.

He declared amnesty for the world and named Si elder prince. The ministers of the Manchuria persuaded them one after another, and the new queen was young, if she gave birth to an heir, what would she like to do? The most important thing is that in the Qing Dynasty, the rule has always been that the prince must have the blood of the Mongols, and the blood of others must not be. If Li Si elder brother is the prince, all Mongolian tribes will not agree.

Da Yuer knew that Fulin was stubborn, and only Wan Yun could persuade him. Yuer said to Wan Yun that she had seen what Wan Yun had done for Fulin for so many years. Thanks to Wanyun, the harem was stable in recent years, allowing Fulin to concentrate on political affairs. The reason why she left Wanyun in the cold was actually because Mongolia’s face could not be expressed. In the past few years, I have worked too hard to balance the forces of all parties. Da Yuer also asked Wan Yun that even though the ministers of Man and Meng were opposed to it, Fulin still insisted on appointing the fourth prince as the prince.

Wan Yun understood the meaning of the empress dowager. She persuaded the emperor to establish another prince. The position of the prince is too heavy. She just wants the fourth eldest brother to grow up simply and ordinary, and don’t want him to bear a heavy burden when he is born. Just like Fulin doesn’t want to be the emperor, who knows if Si elder brother wants to be the prince?

Wan Yun heard that the empress dowager went to Nanyuan to recuperate, and despite her confinement, she insisted on serving her. Fulin knew that Wanyun had lost blood during childbirth and was weak, and was very worried for her. After Wan Yun had been away for more than fifty days, she delivered medicine to the emperor’s back end tea every day, doing everything by herself. Fulin knew that it seemed that if he did not revoke the establishment of a prince, Huang Eniang would never heal from this illness.

The maid came to report that the fourth eldest had a high fever all night. When Wan Yun arrived, Si elder brother was already dead. Fulin thinks all this is the conspiracy of the mother, deliberately pretending to be sick, and urging Wanyun to let the fourth eldest brother leave his mother, and finally his beloved ones leave him one by one. Wan Yun was physically weak and sick, and the death of Si elder brother made her sick. Before she died, Wan Yun asked Fulin not to bury her with valuables, but to take the money to help the people. All she needs to do is clean clothes.

Wan Yun is the spiritual pillar of Fulin, and her death makes Fulin feel that the whole world has collapsed. After Wanyun went out of the funeral, the guard found that the emperor had disappeared. After searching all over Beijing, the guards found Fulin’s dragon robe on the edge of a cliff. Not long after, a pilgrim saw a monk who had recently become a monk in Mount Wutai, very much like Fulin. Da Yuer sighed, let him go.

In 1661, the eight-year-old Xuan Ye was led by the emperor’s grandmother to ascend the throne and renamed Kangxi. Since then, Xuan Ye created the last prosperous age of China’s feudal dynasty.

(The end)

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