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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 79 Recap

There is also a love poem in the ointment given to Wanyun by Fulin, expressing the meaning of longing affectionately. Wan Yun was moved by it.

Fulin sent people to inquire about Wan Yun’s injury every day, and he was so caring. He could no longer tell whether Ruoxi or Wan Yun was in front of him. It seemed that the two had become one. Fulin was hovering in front of the gate of Prince Xiang, Xiao Lizi advised him to leave here for Fu Jin’s sake, otherwise there would be rumours.

Queen Nabuqi heard that Wanyun looked like Ruoxi and called her into the palace. She warned Wan Yun not to forget her identity as the prince Xiang Fu Jin, and it is best to stay away from the emperor. If you dare to seduce the emperor, Wan Yun’s Ama who works in Nanjing is pretty.

Fulin missed and became ill, and went wandering in front of the gate of the Prince Xiang Mansion every day. Yu’er heard that she reminded Fulin not to behave ethically. Fulin desperately said that Wan Yun was not happy at all, she didn’t like Bogor at all, and it was a mistake that they were together. He just loves Wanyun, no matter whether she is Wanyun or Ruoxi, they are alone in his own eyes.

Noble concubine Na Muzhong was ill. She also heard about Fulin and ordered Wanyun to come to the palace to wait for herself, and she was not allowed to leave the palace for several days. Wan Yun fed Namu Zhong Duan soup and served it with all his heart, but was still mocked by Na Mu Zhong’s words. The eunuch sent a secret letter to Wan Yun, and Fulin couldn’t bear to miss it, and asked her to meet at the Royal Garden.

Wanyun arrived as scheduled, and Fulin felt distressed when he saw that Wanyun had become thinner. He couldn’t help but hugged Wan Yun and said, this is fate wrong, I want to correct it, and wait for me to take charge of your life.

Seeing that Wan Yun was not by her side, Namu Zhong dragged the sick body to follow her. She was furious when she saw the scene where Fulin and Wan Yun were snuggling together. She ridiculed Fulin that she had led the wrong person. Wan Yun was her daughter-in-law and shouldn’t come to seduce him, only to bring him back for training. Na Muzhong finds Yu’er and blames her son for seduce his daughter-in-law and make Prince Xiang’s mansion restless. Na Muzhong is also mean to speak harshly. The Yu’er family is a joke. Not only does the aunt and nephew serve the husband, but also commits adultery with the uncle. Now the son is coming to grab his sister-in-law and his wife. Since Dorgon’s death, Yu’er eats fast and recites the Buddha every day, and is devoted to benevolence, trying to alleviate his sins, but ignores Na Muzhong’s cold words.

Boguoer came back from the front line and cursed Wan Yun for cuckolding himself and beat her. Boguoer felt miserable. He was fighting for Fulin on the front line, and he even seduce his Fujin. Why doesn’t Wan Yun like herself, but like others.

Zheng Chenggong joined forces in the Northern Expedition, and the entire Qing navy was destroyed, and the Nanjing front was in a hurry. Fulin said angrily, since they want it so much, then return the beauty of adulthood to them, and Daqing will return to outside the customs. Otherwise, it’s not worth taking so many lives. Yu’er scolded Fulin as a scumbag. Fu Lin was angry, but in order to prove it to the emperor, she was determined to conquer it himself.

Yu’er knew that if Fulin had gone with the determination to die, and that there would be no return if he conquered by himself, she had to revise the book to Wanyun and asked her to persuade Fulin. Wan Yun was forced to die, and Fulin only dispelled the idea of ​​personal conquest.

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