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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 78 Recap

Fulin chased after Yu Huayuan and saw her “Ruo Xi” enjoying the flowers in the garden alone. Fulin has always been unwilling to believe that Ruo Xi has really left herself, thinking she is back. Fulin held Wanyun desperately, not wanting to lose her again. Wan Yun was frightened at a loss. No matter who said, “She is Lord Xiang’s Fujin”, Fulin would not let it go. Boguoer took a walk with Na Muzhong, and saw Fulin holding his Wanyun, pushing Fulin away with great anger, yelling, Brother Emperor, you are sick and confused, this is my Fujin.

Boguoer was dizzy and wondered if Wan Yun seduced Fulin and made him sick. Wan Yun spoke out to defend him, but Bogor lost his mind and beat Wan Yun fiercely. Fulin is still yelling that Ruoxi is back. Yuer only told him that Ruoxi had a twin sister who had been taken away since childhood, and Fujin of Boguoer was Ruoxi’s sister.

Wu Keshan came to see Nabuqi and learned that Fulin had never come to Kunning Palace to see her daughter. Seeing her daughter complaining, Wu Keshan told her that the important thing now is not that Fulinxi does not like her, but that Guan Jian is pregnant with his dragon seed. As long as the dragon is born, the entire harem is in her control.

Nabuqi ordered the maid to bring a bowl of bird’s nest soup to the emperor and light a piece of incense in the room. Fulin felt dizzy and hot, and was in a daze. He couldn’t help but hugged her and became affectionate when he saw Ruo Xi coming towards him. Fulin suddenly woke up when he heard the voice of “Ruo Xi”, it turned out that he was holding Nabuqi.

The imperial physician found that the bird’s nest soup that Fulin drank and the burning incense in the room contained aphrodisiacs. Unexpectedly, Nabuqi would use such despicable means to manipulate herself, Fulin could no longer bear it, he wanted to give up. Yu’er was also dissatisfied with Nabuqi’s doing such a thing. After Wu Keshan learned that Fulin wanted to abolish it, he threatened to offend the entire Mongolia. Yuer had to compromise and persuade each other.

After Wan Yun married Boguoer, she was depressed. After spending some time with Boguol, Wan Yun discovered that they were basically two kinds of people. He came from a family in the south of the Yangtze River, with a delicate mind and sentimental sentiment. Boguol didn’t read much, just a martial artist, and couldn’t understand him at all. Wan Yun felt incomprehensibly lonely.

Since Ruoxi’s death, Fulin finally went to the Qing Palace to go to court. Who knew that the first issue he raised was the abolition, and the ministers objected to it.

Wan Yun dreamed that the emperor held her tightly like that day. The maid told Wan Yun that the emperor was also very pitiful. He originally had a lover, Ruoxi, who was outside the palace, but the Queen Mother always disagreed. As a result, the regent fell in love with Ruoxi, and the emperor almost died in love.

Boguoer was going to Hunan the next day, so he came to Wanyun drunk. Bogor was very painful and felt that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get into Wanyun’s heart. Seeing Wan Yun holding the book and ignoring herself, Boguoer angrily snatched her book to burn, Wan Yun grabbed the book heartily, and burned her hand.

Fulin went to visit Ruoxi at Tianning Temple again. He knelt in front of Ruoxi Ling and kept pursuing his thoughts. Wan Yun, who came to give her parents this morning, heard Fulin’s affectionate confession. She was moved by his sincere feelings and couldn’t help but shed tears. Fulin apologized to Wan Yun, but saw the wound on her hand and felt heartache for her. Wan Yun comforted Fulin. He had loved vigorously in this life, and had a lover who lived and died. It is better to have once than nothing. Both Fulin and Wan Yun feel connected.

The next day, Fulin sent someone to send burn ointment to Wanyun.

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