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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 77 Recap

Fulin and Li Yiqian visited Ruoxi Ling in Tianning Temple to worship. Fulin is determined to accompany Ruoxi forever in Tianning Temple. He wants Wu Liangfu to tell the Queen Mother that he wants to surrender the throne. Please find a new heir to the throne.

The successive incidents caused Yu’er to fall ill in bed, and to learn that Fulin refused to return to the palace and wanted to become a monk at Tianning Temple, which even disturbed her. Yu’er rushed to Tianning Temple to scold Fu Lin, as the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, caused so many troubles. Fulin couldn’t help but feel sad when seeing Huang Eniang white head all night. Fulin told his mother that he would not go back to the palace and stop coming to him again. The guards found out that Ruoxi was killed by Azig. When I wanted to kill Azige, it was Huang Eniang who stopped him from death and death. In the final analysis, she was the one who caused Ruoxi. Now that I have lost all thoughts, there is nothing left in this world to miss.

Nabuqi was used to being arrogant and indulgent in the grassland. With Fulin’s attitude toward herself, she lost her temper in Kunning Palace and beat and scolded court ladies and eunuchs if she was unhappy. She didn’t understand why Fulin stayed in a good palace and went to be a monk. Nabuqi complained to her aunt Yuer. Nabuqi’s evil deeds in the palace have long been heard by Yu’er. Yuer warned Nabuqi that she is now a queen, and she must know the rules of the harem and stay a little bit better, otherwise she will lose popular support.

Early the next morning, Fulin asked the host to shave for him, and Yuer came to stop him. The abbot of Tianning Temple also rushed to say that if the emperor insisted on becoming a monk, the Qing Dynasty would lose the monarch, the people of the world would lose their support, and the presiding officer who had ordained him would also be burned. Wu Liangfu took the initiative to stand up at this time, willing to become a monk for the emperor. Seeing everyone’s strong opposition, Fulin had to follow Yu’er back to the palace.

Fulin was weak because of sorrow, anger and viscera. Nabuqi heard that Fulin was recuperating at the Hall of Cultivation of the Heart, so she specially dressed up and came to see Fulin. Unexpectedly, he was driven out by Fulin.

After Fulin returned to the palace, Yu’er wanted to die, without eating or drinking for a few days, and Yuer was helpless. Su Moer suggested that Ruoxi’s father Li Yiqian should be invited. Li Yiqian thought that after Ruoxi’s death, the saddest person was his father, but he didn’t expect that the emperor would be more sorrowful than himself. Li Yiqian told the empress dowager that Ruoxi had a younger sister, and that Lu Zhu gave birth to twins.

Luzhu died and was unable to raise him, so he sent another child to his cousin for adoption. In order for them to grow up happily, they did not tell the truth. The two sisters look alike. If Fulin saw her sister, would he have the desire to survive? . Yu’er hurriedly ordered people to go to Nanjing to find the white flag inlaid to rule E Shuo, but he had to report that E Shuo’s daughter Wan Yun had hired the King of Xiang County Boguoer as Fujin, and the wedding was held today.

Na Muzhong was actually not satisfied with this daughter-in-law. She blamed Boguoer for not marrying a good Mongol, and she wanted to like a Han woman. If you marry a Mongolian Fujin, Boguoer can unite with Mongolian tribes and strengthen his power. Boguoer didn’t care, he fell in love with Wan Yun when he first saw Wan Yun from Xia Jiangnan.

Boguol took his newlyweds, Wan Yun, to visit the Queen Mother. Wan Yun brought out the fennel from the south of the Yangtze River, saying that it had the miraculous effect of dredging collaterals and replenishing qi, so he could try incense for the emperor. Fulin suddenly woke up from her drowsiness, feeling that Ruo Xi was by her side, getting up to look for her. Boguoer took Wanyun for a walk in the imperial garden, and the noble concubine ordered Boguoer to accompany her.

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