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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 76 Recap

Azig heard from the guards that the emperor will be married tomorrow, but Dorgon’s funeral period has not yet passed. He is determined to avenge Dorgon.

Ruo Xi is full of horror about entering the palace tomorrow, as soon as she enters the palace gate is as deep as the sea, not knowing what is waiting for her in the palace. Fulin made a lifetime promise to Ruoxi, vowing to protect her and love her forever. Although his daughter is about to get married, Li Yiqian’s heart is still heavy. He doesn’t know whether it is a blessing or a curse for his daughter to enter the palace, and the emperor’s love may also harm Ruoxi. He wished that Ruoxi married a good guy.

In the middle of the night, Aziger pretends to be sick to attract guards. Azig strangled the guard while he was not prepared, put on the jailer’s clothes, and climbed out of the prison. Before he left, he set off a fire, making people think he was burned to death.

On the wedding day, Fulin missed Ruoxi’s sedan chair and turned a blind eye to Nabuqi. Yu’er urged him to take his body into consideration. Fulin and Nabuqi were halfway through their worship. After listening to the Amdo poster, Miss Ruoxi was kidnapped. The two mothers who served her died in the room, and the bride was gone. When Fulin heard the news like five thunders, he left Nabuqi behind and ran to Li Mansion desperately. He suspected that the emperor had sent someone to do it.

Aziger kidnapped Ruoxi and took her to Dorgon’s cemetery. He accused Ruoxi of killing Dorgon and ruining everything about their brothers. He wanted to avenge Dorgon and sacrifice Dorgon with Ruoxi’s blood. If Xi is the Dafujin of Dorgon, he should be buried. Azig cried bitterly at Dorgon’s grave. You looked down on your brother before you were alive, but I didn’t expect that I would avenge you in the end. Azig stabbed to death like Xi, and wrote the words “Mr. Mother” in front of the stele with her blood.

The guard found Ruoxi’s body and blood in front of Dorgon’s grave. Fulin felt that he had lost everything. He rushed to Yu’er and accused her of killing Ruoxi, his most beloved woman. In order to keep the status of Horqin woman, she didn’t want Ruoxi to enter the palace from the beginning. Yu’er hates Ruoxi because Dorgon finally fell in love with her. Huang Eniang is really a vicious woman. Even the man she loves can be stabbed to death. What can’t she do? Fulin vowed to want her mother to taste the pain, despair and humiliation, so that her sweetheart will never be superborn forever.

Embracing hatred, the first thing Fulin did after taking office was to order Jier Harang to check Prince Rui’s mansion, and announced to the public that the dragon robe was copied from the mansion. , Also fell into trouble one after another, fabricating various charges for Dorgon. In the end, Fulin convicted Dorgon of 14 serious crimes. Fulin not only destroyed Dorgon’s cemetery, but also personally beheaded Dorgon’s corpse, thwarted his bones and threw ashes, so that he would not be reincarnated in his next life, and he could never be superborn.

Man Dahai came to the ruins of Dorgon’s cemetery and said with a tearful smile, “Dorgon, I didn’t expect you to have today.” Brother and Ada Liquan will also be happy if they know. Man Dahai has forbeared for many years, and the Qing Dynasty will surely be in my hands in the future. Unexpectedly, he was killed by Longge with a sword before he finished his words. Longge was injured in the past and has been out of the palace to recuperate. He did not expect that the regent passed away so early. Long Ge brought Xiao Luzi to Dorgon for the last time and left this place of right and wrong forever.

In 1651, Azig died lonely and desolately in a ruined temple. Yu’er remembered Fulin’s misunderstanding of herself and the moments of her love with Dorgon during her lifetime. Sadness and regret came to her heart. Overnight, Yu’er’s hair was all white.

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