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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 75 Recap

The bride sits on the edge of the bed in the candlelit night of Dorgon’s bridal chamber. Dorgon stared at the bride and lifted his scarf, but the bride was Yuer. Yuer suddenly pulled out the dagger that Dorgon had given to Fulin, and pierced into Dorgon’s chest. Seeing Dorgon’s painful expression, Yuer said sorry with tears in her eyes. She did this for her son. Seeing that Dorgon was really leaving her, Yuer felt scared. She cried and rushed towards Dorgon, who was covered in blood, picked up the dagger, and wanted to accompany Dorgon. Dorgon exhausted his last strength to stop Yu’er.

If she wants her to stay and help Fulin, she should make way for him. If she does not go, Fulin will never grow up. Dorgon said that he was too tired to deal with their mother and son. Now it is very good, and he is finally free. In fact, when Yuer crossed the brazier to meet his relatives in front of Li’s house, Dorgon knew that he was holding Yuer’s hand. Dorgon has loved her for so many years, how can he not tell the breath and body temperature of the one he loves. Dorgon’s lifelong dream is to want Yu’er to be his own bride, but he did not expect to realize it before his deathbed.

Dorgon refused to treat him, insisting on going to the grassland with Yuer, letting Yuer spend the last time with him. In December 1650, the legendary God of War of the Qing Dynasty, a golden horse and iron horse, and power in the ruling power all his life, Dorgon, who was only thirty-nine years old, died in Da Yuer’s arms. The Qing court announced that Dorgon died while hunting in the northern part of the country.

The British Prince Azig learned of Dorgon’s death and led the two white flags into the palace to force Fulin to abdicate. In the face of the crisis, Yu’er calmly arranges troops. Yu’er said to Ji’erhalang that Aziger was a martial artist, and he was not afraid of it. Aziger rushed into the Palace of Qianqing, but was closed behind him. Ji’erhalang found the jade seal on Azig’s body and sent him to prison. Azig yelled up to the sky in the prison, asking Dorgon to see how miserable his brother and his subordinates were. It was Dorgon who refused to listen to persuasion and finally died in the hands of that vicious woman.

The Ministers of the Two White Banners demanded that Dorgon be named the emperor of sincerity and righteousness. Fulin was unwilling. Yu’er reminded him that Dorgon died for him. This throne was originally Dorgon’s, and both generations of Huang Taiji and Fulin owed him a throne. For so many years, it is not Blessing who endures Dorgon, but Dorgon is enduring Blessing. If he wanted to sit on the throne of Fulin, he would have sat on the dragon chair by himself. Yu’er ordered to give Dorgon the highest honor, a state funeral, and the title sincere and honorable emperor.

Fulin can govern only after the wedding, but he still insists that Ruoxi be the queen. Yu’er told Fulin that Ruoxi’s mother, Luzhu, had made his emperor Ama almost killed several times, and had a vengeance, how could he be his queen. Fulin insisted on leaving it alone. Ruoxi persuaded Fulin that his Huang Eniang’s decision was right. There is no trusted group around him. Only by marrying Mongolia can he consolidate his power in the DPRK. Don’t make fun of Daqing’s fate because of yourself. They don’t care about any name as long as they are together.

After listening to Ruoxi’s consolation, Fulin agreed to Yu’er’s terms and married Nabuqi and Ruoxi together three days later.

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