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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 73 Recap

Dorgon hurriedly brought Su Moer to Duduo. Duduo said in a faint voice to Su Mo’er, “The most sorry thing in my life is you. It is a regret in my life that I failed to marry you as Fujin. You must be my bride in the next life.” Su Mo’er could not cry.

Duduo, the first general of the Qing Dynasty, and Dorgon’s beloved brother, left so young and lightly. Before Dodo’s spirit, Fulin did not want to give Dodo incense. Dorgon persecuted him in anger, but he went away instead. Dorgon couldn’t accept Duoduo’s death. Since Eniang’s death, Dorgon loved Duoduo the most. Yuer knew that Dorgon was sad, so she came to comfort him. Dorgon said through Jiujin, I don’t feel that I can live long.

If I die, you mother and son will be free, and there is no need to swallow in front of me anymore. You keep asking me to live well for Daqing, but you are actually reminding me to continue working for your son. You only have your son and Daqing in your heart. There are only two most important people in E Niangli’s life after death. Dodor has left me forever, but you are full of hatred for me. Yu’er reminds Dorgon that Jiang Yan is still in Datong and the Nanming rebels are all around. Don’t forget your responsibility. Neither Daqing nor himself could live without him. When Dorgon heard Yu’er saying that he could not leave him, a warm current rose in his heart.

Dorgon attacked Datong again, but Jiang Yan was unable to resist, and was killed by general Yang Zhenwei instead. Yang Zhenwei surrendered with his head. Dorgon attacked Datong with the heart of revenge for Duduo, and now he does not forgive him at all. Dorgon ordered the massacre of Datong, killing all the 120,000 residents of Datong, and blood flowing in the city.

Back in the capital, Yuer blamed Dorgon for killing so many people. They were also citizens of the Qing Dynasty. This not only ruined his past heroism and glory, but was also an unforgivable sin of Qing Dynasty. Dorgon disagrees. Yuer told Fulin that after he took office, he must build a temple in Datong to comfort the souls who died unjustly.

The Prince Regent’s mansion was beaming, and Dorgon’s Fujin gave him a small Grid. Dorgon was happy and missed why Dudor was gone. He Luohui suggested that Dorgon go to Tianning Temple to donate a spiritual seat to Duduo and let the deceased rest in peace.

When Dorgon arrived at Tianning Temple, he happened to see Ruoxi. He felt that Ruoxi looked very much like the Lvzhu from that year. Dorgon followed Ruoxi to Luzhu’s spirit, only to realize that she was really Luzhu’s daughter. It turns out that Luzhu did not die after jumping off the cliff. Li Yiqian told Dorgon that Luzhu was his wife. When I went to the Liaodong government office, I saw Luzhu fainted on the side of the road and rescued her.

Later, Luzhu died of dystocia during childbirth. Ruo Xi saw Dorgon reprimanding him as a murderer, and slaughtered 120,000 people in Datong. At that time, Ximu City slaughtered 10,000 people, and her mother was heartbroken all her life. How much hatred will be left in this Datong Massacre. Dorgon looked at Ruoxi and felt that she had exactly the same temper as Luzhu. Wrecked a catastrophe.

Dorgon returned to the house, remembering what Luzhu and Ruoxi had said, regretting why he had become such a cruel person. Li Yiqian was afraid that Ruoxi’s words would offend Dorgon, so he sent Ruoxi to apologize to Dorgon and sent him the relics of Luzhu. Dorgon saw Luzhu coming towards him in his drunk eyes. He stepped forward and hugged Luzhu, only to realize that it was Ruoxi. Dorgon felt that Ruoxi was the only person in the world who was not afraid of him and dared to accuse him face to face. He needed such a person to alert himself. Dorgon asked the sky, Luzhu, did you not bear my loneliness and let Ruoxi come to accompany me?

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