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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 72 Recap

Dorgon is going to marry again, this time he not only married Princess Xiu Luo, but also went to Shanhaiguan to meet him in person. Da Yuer asked Dorgon, now that the situation in the south is unstable, why is there still the mind to go outside to welcome his relatives? Dorgon thought that Yu’er was jealous, and he was secretly happy. Yu’er warned him not to forget his responsibilities, let the wine and the beauties consume his will and ruin the Qing Dynasty. Dorgon is the one who wants to return Daqing intact to her son. Dorgon was sad when he heard that.

Shanxi Datong general soldier Jiang Wei has not been reused since he was sent to the Qing Dynasty. The court also sent Azige to sit in Datong. In Datong, Azige was a domineering blessing, indiscriminately killing innocents, and being an official. Jiang Gu was very dissatisfied. Seeing that the anti-Qing and Ming forces spread across the country like a prairie prairie fire, Jiang Yan’s men persuaded Jiang Yan to rise too. Respond to the revision of the book by Emperor Yongli of the Nanming Dynasty.

Seeing the rebels, Dorgon asked Zhengjun Wang Jierhalang to bring the inlaid blue flag to quell Shaanxi. If Junwang Zheng is unwilling to go, he has to hand over the inlaid blue flag. Junwang Zheng had to agree to send troops.

Wu Keshan came to Beijing for Nabuqi’s marriage. Yu’er hesitated to say that the reason why the marriage has been delayed for more than a year was because Fulin was unwilling. Fulin is too self-willed, and if he is forced to remain uncertain, he will do something extraordinary. Let my brother give me more time to prepare. Fulin pressed Huang Eniang why she came to dismantle her, knowing that someone was in her heart. It stands to reason that this feeling of being broken up alive should be well understood by her, does she want to repeat it in her son? If Namuqi wanted to be a queen so much, she could surrender the throne and let her marry the next emperor.

Fulin wanted to take Ruoxi out of Beijing but was stopped by Li Bianxiu. If they left, Li’s family would be a serious crime. Ruo Xi didn’t want to leave because of his father. After Fulinsi thought about it, he couldn’t fight Huang Eniang, so he had to abdicate. He knelt at the gate of Qianqing Palace, holding the crown and dragon robe, and asked to abdicate.

After three months, Azig couldn’t capture Datong, and Dorgon was going to conquer it himself. There is another reason why Dorgon went on the expedition personally. It was because Wu Keshan mentioned something he didn’t want to personally. If he stayed in Beijing, he would be involved in the dispute between the mother and the son. Dorgon wants Duoduo to stay in Beijing as the auxiliary uncle.

This time, Da Yuer was determined to make Fulin marry Nabuqi, and would never give in, otherwise Daqing would rebel against her prestige. Yuer wants Duoduo to take Fulin back to Weiyu Palace and wait for it. Fulin went to the cliff and yelled to vent. His personal eunuch Wu Liangfu gave him an idea that he could marry Nabuqi, but he couldn’t control how to treat her Queen Mother. In the future, if you are pro-government, you can still be abolished. Fulin thought he made sense.

Dorgon personally led the troops to the city of Datong. He decided to deal with Jiang Gu as he dealt with Zu Dashou, cut off his nourishment, and let his 120,000 army surrender because of hunger. Jiang Yan supported it for another three months and still did not surrender, Dorgon was anxious. At this time, it was heard that Duduo came for reinforcements. Azig didn’t follow Dorgon’s strategy of staying still, but Jiang Wei’s plan to lure the enemy into deep, Azig and Duoduo who had just arrived were besieged together. After being rescued, Duduo was seriously injured and had to be sent back to Beijing. Duduo kept calling Su Moer’s name and wanted to see her before he died.

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