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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 71 Recap

In order to relieve Fulin, Ruoxi took him to see the abbot of Tianning Temple, and listened to the Zen master’s lecture together. Walking out of the temple, Ruoxi told Fulin that the master said he had the roots of Buddhism. Only if Ruoxi dare to say in front of Fulin that it is not unreasonable for the regent to attach great importance to the reconstruction of the Confucian Temple. Although the Qing Dynasty has won the military and unified the world, the governance still depends on the rule of culture and the Chinese culture should be used to govern the country. It doesn’t last as long as the Yuan Dynasty.

Rebuilding the Confucian Temple can encourage the Tianwen people to serve the country. If the treasury does not have the thirty thousand taels of silver for repairing the Temple of Literature, Fulin can lead the ministers to donate together. The regent gave him this opportunity to exercise Fulin’s ability to govern. After listening to Ruoxi’s words, Fulin was like a divine initiation.

Fulin and Yu’er talked about Ruoxi, she was the daughter of Li Yiqian, the editor and editor of the Hanlin Academy, who took him when he was wandering outside the palace. Fulin told Huang Eniang that Ruoxi is the most beautiful girl in the world, beautiful and kind. Yu’er looked at her son’s happy look and knew that he liked the girl. But she still reminded Fulin that Ruoxi’s identity was wrong, and his future queen could only be a Mongolian. This is a customary marriage between Manchuria and Mongolia since ancient times. Fulin furiously said, if my identity prevents me from marrying Ruoxi, then I would rather not be the emperor.

Fulin rushed out of Ci Ning Palace and looked for Ruoxi to complain. He always wanted to escape from the palace, escape from the capital, and escape the fortress woven by Uncle Fourteen and E Niang. He has no idea about the world, power, fame and fortune, he just wants to be an ordinary person. Who knows that fate has brought him back again. Ruoxi encourages him, instead of disgusting and avoiding, it is better to face it bravely. She will always be by Fulin’s side. Fulin felt that Ruoxi was his only hope.

After the controversy over the ruler of the Qianqing Palace, Dorgon felt that the distance between him and Dayu’er was getting further and further. He remembered Da Yu’er’s past tenderness, and decided to go to Ci Ning Palace to apologize and ask Yu’er to forgive him. Unexpectedly, Yu’er had no sympathy, and said coldly, Fulin has grown up, it is not appropriate for you to come to Cining Palace again, and now you have to save some face for your child. She said that Yu’er asked Su Mo’er to return the jade pendant that Dorgon had given her to Dorgon. Dorgon couldn’t believe that he would break right with Yu’er’en in this way, but seeing Yu’er’s cruel look, he still left sadly. Seeing Dorgon leaving, Yu’er shed tears. She murmured to Su Mo’er, we are broken mirrors and can’t fight back.

Dorgon was heartbroken from the pain. After drinking wine for the whole night, and waking up early the next morning, Dorgon suddenly said to Duduo that he had figured it out and was about to get married today. The father-in-law sent a wedding invitation from Dorgon to Yuer and invited her to the wedding. On the second day, the Regent’s Mansion was full of friends and lanterns. Yuer sent a congratulatory gift to Dorgon, and Dorgon deliberately pretended to be happy and cheerful. Yu’er, who pretended to be calm at the wedding banquet, returned to Cining Palace, heartbroken. She didn’t believe that Dorgon really got married.

Dorgon has completely changed a person, indulging in wine every day. Married several Fujin in a month. Duo Duo persuades Duo Ergun to pay attention to his body. But Dorgon said that he just wanted to fight Yu’er and try her response. The hero of my life is Yu’er’s weakness. No matter what, she can’t be forgotten. He can only use a beautiful wine and beauty to numb herself.

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