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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 70 Recap

Fulin heard the discussion in front of Lord Li’s window that the regent was going to usurp the throne, and the two empress dowagers united with two yellow flags to support Bogor, and had to fight the regent. If the two sides do not compromise, Dorgon may force the queen mothers of the two palaces to die in the Palace of Qianqing, which will lead to a blood-stained tragedy in the Forbidden City.

Early the next day, Da Yuer entered the hall to discuss the establishment of a new monarch. The two yellow flags led by Ji’erhalang, Sony and Obai stated that they pledged to defend the first emperor’s last wish to the death and that the first emperor’s prince must be ascended. Yuer expressed support. Dorgon made a passionate speech at the Palace of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty is now in a critical situation and must be led by a courageous leader. Now the Qing Dynasty is on an upward slope, which is even more severe than when the Qing Dynasty was founded. Is it necessary to hand the country into the hands of such a kid who knows nothing?

Da Yuer accused Dorgon of usurping the throne. Don’t even think of sitting on this dragon chair unless Dorgon is going to step on his corpse. At this time Jierhalang, Sony and Obai also stood up and stood in front of Yu’er. Outside the palace was also full of ministers who asked Dorgon not to enthrone.

Fulin did not expect that his departure would cause the situation to be critical. For the sake of Qing and Huang Eniang, he had to return to the disgusting palace again. He ran to the outside of the palace, but the guard who guarded the palace gate didn’t recognize him, refused to let Fu Lin into the palace, and said that he pretended to be the emperor. At the time of helplessness, Fan Wencheng, who was recuperating outside, hurried to hear of Gongbian and brought Fulin into the palace.

Fulin rushed into the Forbidden City and saw that the two white flags in the palace were about to attack the petitioning officials, and in the Qianqing Palace, Dorgon also put a knife on Da Yuer’s neck. The situation is critical and will be triggered at any moment. Everyone found that the dead emperor suddenly appeared in front of everyone and stopped. Seeing that the matter had reached this point, Azige asked Dorgon to be cruel and come to weed and remove the roots, but Dorgon put down the knife.

Fulin asked Dorgon to let the soldiers retreat, and he was willing to give him the throne. The only condition was not to harm the officials and ministers in the temple. Azig and Duo Duo persuaded Duo Ergun to take the throne, but Duo Ergun still hesitated. Fan Wencheng told Dorgon that the emperor was not dead, and forcing the emperor to abdicate is usurping the throne, which will surely cause civil strife. The situation in the south is unknown and rebels are everywhere. If the Qing Dynasty kills one another, the consequences will be disastrous. Zhezhe dragged the sick body to also intercede with Dorgon. Dorgon had to give up the throne again.

Zhezhe suffered from the shock of this incident, and his body was even more exhausted, as the lamp oil ran out. Before she died, she told Fulin that Huang Eniang loved him more than he knew. She instructed Fulin to keep a low profile and be a good emperor like Huang Ama, and work for the people of the world. In 1649, Zhezhe died of illness, the coffin was transported to Shengjing, and he was buried with Huang Taiji in Zhaoling.

After Fulin returned to the palace, he was led by Dorgon every day to learn how to deal with state affairs as before, and to criticize the memorial. Because of the repair of the Confucian Temple, Fulin and Dorgon had a quarrel. Angrily, Fulin ran out of the palace to find Ruoxi.

Ruo Xi learned that the silly boy Ah Fu turned out to be the emperor, she couldn’t believe it, she would rather he be just an ordinary person. Fulin begged Ruoxi to enter the palace to accompany him. He couldn’t stay a day without Ruoxi. He actually hated his identity, and since he was sensible, he didn’t want to be the emperor. It was God’s trick that made him the emperor. The only person in the world who can make him feel happy is Ruo Xi.

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