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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 68 Recap

Da Yuer fell ill due to excessive grief. Zhezhe came to ask Duoduo how long Duoergun wanted to keep the blessings behind. Although Fulin is wrong, he is a child after all. Moreover, Fulin was the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and he had no right to imprison Fulin. One of the first emperor’s sons has already been executed, what else do you want?

Fulin found that the tunnel hadn’t been dug through, so he picked up a tool to dig out of the palace, took off his imperial robe and crawled out of the hole.

Fulin did not eat for a few days, fainted on the street, and was rescued by a Han official back to the mansion. Seeing that the child was pitiful, he stayed in the house and accepted as a servant. After Fulin woke up, he was at ease watering the flowers and grass in the mansion. At this time, the eldest lady in the mansion saw Fulin and remembered that he was the son who used a slingshot to beat the son of Prince British in the street that day. Fulin didn’t want to reveal her identity, pretending that she couldn’t remember, saying that she had admitted the wrong person. Fulin was ill, and the eldest made him drink ginger soup. Looking at her face, Fulin thought it was beautiful.

A beggar walked by the back wall of Xianning Palace and found the hole opened by Fulin. He thought it would not be cold when he hid in the hole. The beggar crawled into the tunnel, entered Xianning Palace, put on the imperial robe that Fulin took off, and carried the jade pendant he had dropped into his arms. Every day the guards stuffed three meals from the doorway, and when they were full and warm, the beggar felt so beautiful in his heart. The guard saw that the food delivered every day was clean, and reported to Yu’er that the emperor’s appetite was much better, and he started to eat in the past few days.

The eldest asked Fulin to be her little attendant. After shopping for joss sticks, she brought Fulin to her mother’s spirit to worship. She comforted her mother not to blame her father for being a delicacy in the Hanlin Academy of the Qing Dynasty. The change of dynasties has always been inevitable. As long as the emperor loves his people like his son, and takes the rise and fall of the world as his responsibility, it is the same whoever becomes the emperor in the Dragon Court. Fulin secretly admired this girl as a person of general knowledge.

In the middle of the night, a black-clothed masked assassin set fire to Xianning Palace. The fire grew stronger and could not be stopped. In the end, only the jade pendant worn by the emperor and a charred corpse were found inside. Yu’er was distraught and fainted.

Dorgon questioned how the palace was heavily guarded, how could it catch fire? In fact, the assassin was sent by Azig secretly. After killing the assassin, he muttered to himself, Dorgon, this time you have no way out, and now I have helped you remove all obstacles.

Fu Lin died, and Da Yuer didn’t want to live either. She hung up the white silk and was about to commit suicide, but Su Moer stopped her. Zhezhe told Da Yuer that now is not the time to seek death. Dorgon killed Fulin, he couldn’t let him go so easily, he must find a way to avenge Fulin.

Dorgon came to Fulin’s mourning hall on crutches, remembering what happened in Fulin when he was a child, and he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

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