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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 67 Recap

Dorgon carefully taught Fulin to govern the political affairs. He handed the Zhubi to Fulin, asking him to try to correct the memorial, and said that one day this Zhubi would be returned to you. Fulin asks Dorgon for the dagger that symbolizes the glory of the Aixinjueluo family. Seeing that Dorgon was in a good mood, Fulin took the opportunity to suggest that on the birthday of Huang Eniang, the Beijing opera troupe, Fuchun troupe, should come and sing the most popular drama “Mu Guiying in Command”, which was so lively and lively. Seeing Fulin’s filial piety, Dorgon agreed.

The rudder master Chen Jinnan led his men into the palace, waited in the background for Fulin’s signal, and jumped directly down, killed Dorgon, and took Fulin as a hostage. Since it was the birthday of the empress dowager, all the concubines in the harem were watching the show. Everyone was watching with gusto when Fulin suddenly knocked the cup over to the ground. An arrow came out and hit Dorgon’s chest. Chen Jinnan jumped out from behind the scenes and hit the key to Dorgon. Dorgon endured the pain and resisted. When his strength was weak, Longge appeared and rescued Dorgon. Longge was in a fight with Chen Jinnan, and the protector Zhongjian died. Chen Jinnan escaped.

The hidden weapon in Dorgon is poisonous. Fortunately, he used the pill that can cure hundreds of poisons brought by Duduo from Mobei to protect him from death. The imperial doctor reported to Dudor after seeing him that the regent was unharmed, but his left foot was broken and he could no longer walk. The assassins caught by Dodor confessed that they had colluded with Fulin to assassinate the regent, and the chief rudder was named Chen Jinnan. Fulin came to see Dorgon with an excuse. Seeing that he was asleep, he drew the dagger and killed Dorgon first. He was taken by Dorgon, who was hiding by the side. Dorgon ordered Fulin to be imprisoned in Xianning Palace to reflect on it, and no one was allowed to visit him.

Azig came to see Dorgon and saw that he was so badly hurt that he was heartbroken for his brother. He yelled at Fulin as a real white-eyed wolf, and Dorgon killed him early, so he didn’t end up like this. Dorgon ordered all those involved in this matter to be killed. Dodor found out that it was indeed Hauge’s instigation. Dorgon had to bear with Hauge again and again, this time he would never tolerate it. Haug sighed before his death. He had expected that there would be today, but he didn’t expect it would come so soon.

Fulin did such a vicious thing to Dorgon, which made Dorgon feel cold. He is determined to move back to the Prince Regent’s mansion to recover from his injuries. Before leaving the palace, Da Yuer knelt to him, begging him to let Fulin go. Seeing that Dorgon was unmoved, Zhezhe knelt down and interceded with him. Dorgon ordered Duoduo to help her eighth sister-in-law and ignored Yu’er. Da Yuer scolded Dorgon for being a bastard.

Da Yuer felt sorry for Fulin, who was locked up, and went to the Regent’s Mansion to ask Master Dorgon Hing for guilt. Seeing that Da Yuer was only pleading for his son, Dorgon didn’t care about his almost lost life and injured his leg. He was heartbroken. He finally understood that there was only her precious son in Dayu’er’s eyes. Why is Da Yu’er unsatisfied, that she has devoted her life and love to her, but in the end it is just a chess piece in her hand. She has a great Qing in her heart and a son, but she does not have a man who has dedicated her life to her.

Fulin lost his temper in Xianning Palace and stumbled upon a secret crossing. Along the secret road, two skeletons that were more than 100 years ago were found.

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