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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 66 Recap

Fulin was imprisoned in the Yugong Palace and couldn’t go out. In a rage, he smashed things to vent, and scolded Xiao Luzi for telling the news, he was a traitor.

Dorgon announced that Hauge had formed a party for private purposes, falsely preached the imperial decree, and pulled it down and cut it. Da Yuer came to stop him, Nianhaoge was the eldest son of Emperor Xian, so that he would not die. Hauge scolded them for acting as adulterers and adulterers. Seeing that the situation was not good, Jierhalang took the initiative to plead guilty. Dorgon finally sentenced Hauge to life imprisonment. Prince Zheng Jierhalang took the blame and removed the position of auxiliary uncle. Da Yuer continued to order, but the other ministers were bewitched by Hauge and were not held accountable. Sony and Obey revealed their merits and promoted them to ministers of government.

Su Mo’er admired Yuer’s two birds with one stone, which not only hit Hauge, but also promoted Sony and Obai, and distracted Dorgon’s power.

Fulin was imprisoned in Weiyu Palace, crying loudly. Tai Yuer hurried over and blamed Dorgon for being too cruel to the child. Dorgon was extremely angry and asked Fulin about a series of taxation, finance, and government affairs related to the country, but Fulin couldn’t answer any of them. Dorgon said sadly, if you are not so motivated all the time, you will never be a great weapon. From now on, Fulin will stay with him in the Wuying Hall without leaving any step, to see how he revises the memorial and handles major national affairs.

Fulin sneaked into the prison to visit Hauge at night. Hauge scared Fulin, and Dorgon dealt with me this time, and the next target was you. Now you not only want to save me, but you also want to save yourself. The only way is to kill Dorgon. Haug asked Fulin to find a chance to find someone in Xicheng, and told Fulin that he must first obey Dorgon and gain his trust.

When Prince Yu Duoduo returned from a victory in Mobei, Fulin changed his indifference from the past and enthusiastically praised Duoduo as the number one warrior in the Qing Dynasty. Dudor felt that Fulin’s transformation was a bit weird. Dorgon felt that his health was not as good as before, so he decided to make Duoduo an auxiliary uncle to assist him in handling government affairs. Azige was unhappy when he saw that Dorgon hadn’t allowed him to reuse Duoduo.

Haug gave Fulin a packet of poison and asked him to find a chance to put it in Dorgon’s bowl. In the end, Fulin did not start. Fulin listened to Hauge’s words, pretending to temper his temper, and obeyed Dorgon’s teachings closely. Zhezhe and Dayuer felt very pleased that Fulin had grown up and became sensible.

Dayu’er’s birthday is just around the corner. Fulin went out of the palace to look for Sun Erye, who was in the west of the city under Hauge’s instructions, and asked them to pretend to be a theater troupe to assassinate Dorgon on the Queen Mother’s birthday, but he did not know that Sun Erye was actually Chen Jinnan’s subordinate.

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