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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 65 Recap

Hauge defeated Zhang Xianzhong and returned to the court, Dorgon greeted him in the suburbs. Hauge saw that Dorgon was sitting on a high platform as the emperor and regent, and he was unwilling to bow down. Dorgon used Hauge to kill innocent people and reuse guilty people along the way to take Hauge. Hauge confessed, Dorgon, you want to treat me and get some famous things. What are these things? When Dorgon was about to announce that Hauge would be taken to prison, Fulin came on horseback and yelled, who is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and he is not allowed to bully my big brother. Regardless of Dorgon’s face, he rescued Hauge. .

Azig sighed that Dorgon really raised a white-eyed wolf, and Fulin confronted him in front of so many people, and it will be fine in the future. Azig warned Dorgon that all the regents in history did not end well. Zhang Juzheng in the Ming Dynasty was so dedicated to assist and cultivate Wanli, and it was not that he did not end well in the end.

Fulin complained to Hauge. In the past few years when he went to Sichuan, Dorgon went in and out of Ci Ning Palace at will, not avoiding suspicion with Huang Eniang. He had had enough of this bad breath. Dorgon didn’t have enough control over the government, and he bullied Huang Eniang, which was an insult to Huang Ama.

Hauge pointed out that Fulin can get rid of Dorgon only if he becomes politically active at an early date. Hauge and Fulin went to Jirhalang House to discuss pro-government matters. Ji’erhalang tweeted that the emperor was not yet twenty years old, and he and Dorgon made an oath at the time that the emperor must become an adult before he can take office. Hauge believes that Turger, Ober, and Sony will support Fulin. Ji’erhalang considered again and again, determined to give it a try.

After returning to Weiyu Palace, Fulin was smug and couldn’t help telling Xiao Luzi about Lianzheng Huangqi’s pro-government affairs, and asked him to keep it secret. Xiaoluzi knew that this time was of great importance, and when he saw his foster father, Longge, he didn’t panic. After Longge’s questioning, Xiao Luzi told Longge that something big was about to happen. Longge reported to Da Yuer immediately. Da Yuer could not have imagined that Hauge would instigate his son to do such a rebellious thing. Fulin would not even look at a memorial now, how he could be in charge of politics. She knew that Sony and Aubai were people who knew the current affairs, and she wrote them a secret letter. Yuer told Dorgon about the incident and told him not to blame Fulin.

Dorgon ordered Xiao Shouzi and Xiao Luzi to put away all the knives in Weiyu Palace and looked at Fulin. He was not allowed to go to court this morning or leave Weiyu Palace for half a step.

Hauge reported to the court that the emperor wanted to be a pro-government, and he would take up the burden of governing the country earlier. Ji’erhalang and the ministers of the two yellow flags all agreed. Dorgon said that Fulin doesn’t even know how to read memorials now. How to pro-government, do you want Hauge to help him read memorials? At this time, Haug took out the imperial decree written by Fulin and forced Dorgon to surrender power. Over the years, Fulin’s jade seal has been kept by Dorgon. He knows that the edict written by Fulin was not stamped with the jade seal, and he reprimanded Hauge for the false imperial decree. At this time, Hauge declared that Sony and Obai had entered the palace to take down Dorgon on the grounds of disobeying the king’s order. Unexpectedly, they went straight to Hauge and tied him up.

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