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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 64 Recap

A few years later, Fulin had grown into a teenager and took Xiao Luzi on horseback and hunting in the western suburbs. Over the years, his grievances against Dorgon have grown deeper and deeper. Fulin told Xiao Luzi that Dorgon is a smiling tiger, Sima Zhao, and he is just a pawn and puppet under his single-lane regime. When returning to the palace, Fulin saw Azig’s son insulting a woman and taught him a lesson. Fulin said bitterly that if there is a father, there will be a son. Someday I will take care of them when I become pro-government.

Fulin happily gave her mother Zhezhe the pheasant she had called, but Huang Eniang and Dorgon were also there. Since Fulin moved out of Ci Ning Palace, he has been reluctant to meet these two people. Fulin said with a sullen expression, there was still homework to review, and he left without eating. Dorgon saw that no matter how hard he tried to please Fulin, he had a headache for this rebellious teenager. The headaches, dizziness and old injuries caused by Dorgon’s long-term battles often occur. Fortunately, Da Yuer’s gentle and considerate soothed her heart.

Duduo’s policy of massacre in the south of the Yangtze River caused a backlash from the people, and there were uprisings in various places. Dorgon had to send Hong Chengchou to educate him. As soon as Hong Chengchou arrived in the south of the Yangtze River, he built an ancestral hall for Shi Kefa for the people to worship, so as to calm a lot of anger.

Fulin didn’t want to study, the little eunuch and Xiao Luzi said that the regent had confessed that he wanted him to read more every day. Fulin became angry when he heard about the regent. Fulin always thought that his elder brother was right, he was just a bird in a cage, and Uncle Fourteen was an iron cage. Only the elder brother loves him, but the fourteenth uncle wants to remove all the people who are good to him.

Dorgon claimed to be the emperor and regent after marrying Da Yuer, which made Fulin even more angry. He complained that the emperor had ignored her reputation for chastity and was ridiculed by the world. Dorgon heard that Fulin ran to hunt again, but he was so angry that he couldn’t manage himself well. How could he rest assured that such a large country should be handed over to him.

Duduo sent a military newspaper with Zhenglan Banner. Hauge killed Zhang Xianzhong in Sichuan and is now returning to the court. Dudor was worried that Hauge would continue to make trouble once he returned. Dorgon is not afraid that he will collude with the two yellow flags. What he is most worried about is Hauge’s adverse influence on Fulin. Duduo scolded Fulin as a white-eyed wolf, and if the two of them joined forces, they could deal with Dorgon together. Although Haug has done meritorious service, he has not committed anything less along the way, and Dorgon is determined to take the opportunity to cure his crime.

The southern part of the Qing Dynasty was tentatively decided, and Dorgon prepared to send troops to unify Mobei. This requires the support of the Monan tribes. The Horqin tribe has been a strong backing for the Qing Dynasty over the years, providing horses, cattle and sheep for the Qing army. Da Yuer suggested that Horqin’s relatives come to Beijing to gather. Manchuria and Mongolia have been married for several generations. It is better to take advantage of this to choose a marriage for Fulin. His queen must be selected from the Mongolian tribe. Da Yuer selected Wu Keshan’s youngest daughter, Na Buqi, who was about the same age as Fu Lin and was a suitable candidate.

Fulin was not friendly to the arrival of the Horqin tribe. Cousin Nabuqi ran after Fulin, but Fulin ignored her. Nabuqi said angrily, I am your future queen. Only then did Fulin know that his wedding was set without knowing it. Everything is arranged from the small, the big wedding is a matter of its own, Fulin never wants to follow the arrangement of the regent.

Fulin approached Dorgon and Da Yuer for the theory, and said angrily, I don’t want to be dominated by you anymore. If you want to be the emperor, you should go, I will let you, as long as I don’t interfere with my freedom. Dorgon slapped Fulin angrily and scolded him for not knowing the weight of the burden on his body. He really owed him discipline.

Fulin puts himself in the palace of Wei Yu, and no one is allowed to enter. Finally took out the dagger, cut the pulse to stimulate Da Yuer. Seeing this, Dorgon scolded him for not living like a man, betraying his painstaking effort. Da Yuer was heartbroken and asked Dorgon to leave.

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