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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 63 Recap

After several years of recuperation in the Qing Dynasty, Dorgon believed that he had reached the opportunity to pacify Sichuan and Jiangnan. He ordered Hauge to lead Zhenglan Banner to Sichuan to pacify Zhang Xianzhong, and Prince Yu Duoduo went to Jiangnan to destroy the Ming Dynasty Hongguang Court in Jiangnan. Azig marched into Huguang to destroy Li Zicheng’s remnant army, and all the forces against the Qing Dynasty had to be wiped out.

The last time Sun Zhili publicly asked Dorgon to marry the Queen Mother Da Yuer in the court hall, the minister objected. At this time, he made a living and reported to Dorgon that Tang Gaozong’s canonization of Wu Zetian was also opposed by the ministers. Later, Tang Gaozong declared that this was an emperor’s family affair and was not related to state affairs. Dorgon was very happy when he heard it, and ordered Sun Zhiqi to draft an edict. .

Fulin woke up at night, and Dorgon went to visit, but Fulin was still unhappy. Dorgon was angry, but he didn’t expect Huang Taiji to return to heaven, and his son would come to torture himself. Da Yuer was angry that Dorgon had issued a marriage edict without her consent. Fulin’s reaction was so big that she felt that they should all calm down. Dorgon said angrily, you have never cared about the feelings of their father and son, and never thought of me.

Finished talking and left. Zhezhe worried that if Dorgon was in a bad mood, it would be dangerous to be frustrated by others. She persuaded Dayu’er to agree to this marriage. If you want Fulin to be good, you must first let Daqing get well. In everyone’s eyes, Dorgon’s dedication to Fulin is no less than that of Emperor Xian. Dorgon’s hard work in exchange for Fulin’s attitude is really chilling. Da Yuer didn’t understand why Fulin and Dorgon were not doing well in this way.

When Dorgon got married, he was sitting alone in a new furnished house drinking alcohol. Dorgon sighed at Tianchang. He missed his eighteen years of expectation and waiting. He gave Da Yuer all he could give. He had youth, dignity and love. He is really jealous of Fulin and can have all the love of Dayu’er unscrupulously. Da Yuer came to the palace quietly, watching Dorgon, who was covered in scars, weeping silently.

The drunk-eyed Dorgon saw Yu’er appear in front of him, thinking it was a dream just like when he was drunk before, and waved her to go away. Yuer said, let me dream this dream with you, and spend the night in the bridal chamber with Dorgon. Dorgon woke up and found that Yu’er was not by his side, thinking that everything last night was indeed a dream. The butler reported to him that the Queen Mother had just left. Dorgon realized that Da Yuer’s company last night was actually a fact, and he was extremely happy.

Fulin woke up at night and found that Huang Eniang was not around, crying and screaming, thinking that Eniang didn’t want him anymore. In the morning, he had a temper and took Xiao Luzi out of the palace privately. I saw Chen Jinnan, a powerful martial artist in the street, chasing him to apprentice. Chen Jinnan recognized that Fulin was the little emperor he was going to assassinate that night. To take out the dagger, Longge rushed over, and Chen Jinnan had to leave.

The Qing Dynasty made great successes, not only Aji’e wiped out all the remnants of Li Zicheng, but also the leader of Duduo wiped out the Hongguang Xiaochao Ting. Fan Wencheng and Hong Chengchou raised objections to the Tucheng cities of Yangzhou and Jiading, but Dorgon disagreed.

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