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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 62 Recap

Azige went to the Yingwu Temple to find Dorgon to settle accounts, and Dorgon tried to punish him on the grounds that Azige received money and sheltered the criminals. Azig knew that Dorgon was using excuses to punish him for sending someone to assassinate Fulin, and it was chilling to scold Dorgon for helping outsiders and ignoring his brother.

Yuer brought tea to Dorgon, and heard their conversation outside the door. It turned out that Dorgon had long known that Azig did it. Seeing Da Yuer blamed Dorgon, Azige dared to act and admitted that this matter had nothing to do with Dorgon, but he was unfair to his younger brother.

This throne originally belonged to Dorgon, and Huang Taiji forced their Eniang to death and snatched Dorgon’s throne. Dorgon ceded the throne to Fulin for Yu’er again. He was too wronged. Azig took the knife to Yu’er and asked her to kill herself. Although Yuer hated Aziger, she couldn’t do anything. She dropped the knife and said bitterly to Azig, you are not worthy to have sex with the descendants of the Xinjueluo family. If you dare to touch Fulin, you will be crushed to pieces.

When smallpox appeared in the palace, many palace ladies had fallen ill. Dorgon decided to take Fulin out of the palace to avoid acne. Fulin was very afraid when he encountered bandit robbery on the road. Dorgon asked Fulin to see how he defeated the robber. Seeing that Uncle Fourteen was brave and fearless, one person killed more than a dozen enemies, Fulin admired Dorgon. Dorgon also told Fulin that his Huang Ama and Huang Grandpa are heroes who stand up to the ground, and the descendants of Aixinjueluo cannot shrink from the enemy. Fulin seemed to understand the meaning of manhood.

The plague in the palace was under control. After receiving it, Fulin took the dagger given to him by Dorgon with him. He wanted to use it to kill bad people. He also took a mouthful of a fourteen uncle and wanted to be a hero like him. Yuer is very pleased to see that Fulin and Dorgon get along well.

Dorgon raised his dagger and asked Da Yuer to marry him. He also vowed that with him, no one would dare to move Fulin’s throne, and he would treat Fulin as a son. If he has his own heart, Yuer can kill him with this dagger. Yuer was deeply moved. Zhezhe also gave them a Yu Ruyi as a wedding gift. In fact, she wanted to give them 18 years ago.

Hauge forced Fulin out of the palace to play, to please him in every possible way. Hauge instigated Fulin. After the fourteenth uncle and Huang Eniang got married and had their own son, they would snatch your throne and lock you up and kill you. So you can’t let the fourteenth uncle marry your emperor. After hearing Hauge’s remarks, Fulin was unhappy, went back to the palace and quarreled, not letting the emperor’s wife marry the fourteenth uncle.

If they got married and gave birth to a little brother, they would not love me anymore, and said that if you get married, I will go dead. Fulin ran out and fell into a coma after falling. The imperial physician’s diagnosis was fine. Da Yuer took care of Fulin who stayed up all night. She blamed Dorgon for pushing Fulin into this way. Dorgon knew that Fulin was pretending to be asleep, but Yuer didn’t believe it, and angrily asked Dorgon to go out.

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