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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 61 Recap

When Na Muzhong saw Dorgon’s betrothal gift to Da Yu’er, she laughed in front of Yu’er that the queen of the Qing Dynasty was going to be a bride. It was the world’s first wonder. The mausoleum of the first emperor was not completed, and the queen rushed to marry, humiliating the first emperor and the emperor. She even chewed her tongue in front of Zhezhe. They first poisoned the emperor, and then helped the evil seed onto the dragon chair. This was premeditated. Zhezhe understood her thoughts and wanted to pull the emperor off the dragon chair and let her Bogor sit on it.

Eighteen years ago, Yuer had been looking forward to marrying Dorgon. Now he really wants to marry himself, but Yuer is afraid. It’s okay to be laughed at by the world, but what about Fulin. Too much has happened in the past eighteen years, and she can no longer love him as before and give him a complete love. Yu’er feels that the first reason for marrying Dorgon now is not because of love, but because of Qing and Fu Lin.

The assassination of Fulin did not take place for a day, and Yuer could not fully trust Dorgon for a day. Dorgon still loves Da Yuer unhesitatingly. He doesn’t want to care about other people’s opinions. He only knows that the two have been in love for eighteen years and have endured countless long and heavy days. The married Huang Dao has chosen auspicious days, and Dorgon just wants to marry Yu’er in.

The Ming dynasty’s surrender Sun Zhijian was eager for pets and intended to write a letter to the court. The regent was troubled by no one to take care of the kingdom. The regent and the emperor had the same father and son, and the age of the Virgin and the Queen Mother was similar. Sony, the owner of the two yellow flags, objected, thinking that the queen’s marriage to a courtier was self-defeating.

When Dorgon heard what Sony said, his face was displeased, Hong Chenglue had no choice but to make a delay, and first consult the queen mothers of the two palaces before discussing. After the dispersal of the dynasty, Fan Wencheng and Hong Chengchou visited Huang Taiji and proposed that Dorgon had no children for the time being. If he married the Queen Mother and had children of his own, the ministers of the Palace of Terror would worry about the status of the emperor. Moreover, the overall situation of the Qing Dynasty is undecided and the foundation is not stable. It is better not to cause disputes.

Duoduo and Azig fought in Xi’an and defeated Li Zicheng. The emperor personally went to the outskirts to meet Prince Yu and Prince Ying. At this time Haug also returned victorious. Fulin and Hauge got close, and when the eldest brother came back, he ran towards Hauge, ignoring Duduo and Aziger. Azige was unconvinced with Fulin, and when he saw that he was close to Haug, he was even more reluctant to kneel for Fulin, pretending to have injured his knee, and walked away. The sergeants talked a lot, and the Prince of England was disrespectful to the emperor.

Dorgon asked Aziger if he sent someone to Shengjing to assassinate Fulin. Azig did not deny that he just wanted to kill Fulin, forcing Dorgon to sit on the dragon chair and become enemies with Da Yuer. Dorgon hated Azige for letting himself jump into the Yellow River and was unclear, and saw that he was his own brother, and he was helpless. Su Mo’er came to invite Duduo and Aziger to eat in the palace. He was shocked to hear these conversations outside the window. Dorgon asked Su Mo’er not to tell others.

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