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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 60 Recap

Longer teaches Fulin and Xiao Luzi to practice martial arts together. Fulin wanted to be lazy, Xiaolu’s son was loyal and diligent by nature, and persuaded Fulin to listen to his foster father Longge. Bogor told Hauge that the emperor now has a new friend who is studying together and practicing martial arts together, and ignores me. Xiaoluzi is a kid picked up from the street, and he recognizes Longge as a foster father.

Hauge told people that he learned Xiangmu from the Han people, and Dorgon’s face was brutal and short-lived, and he would not live long. Haoge and Azige both took a fancy to a palace in Beijing, and they couldn’t agree more. Princess Changping of the Ming Dynasty is about to marry his son. Regardless of this, Azige stabbed Zhou Kui to death with a sword. Not to be outdone, Haug killed the housekeeper and ordered the Zhou family to move out of the Zhou mansion within three days. Ji’erhalang heard fast and rushed to stop

He Luo meets with Hauge’s loss of influence and wants to take refuge in Dorgon. Haug informs that Dorgon has a bad life and is short-lived.

Haug and Azig were taken to court for interrogation. Aji Geli proved that Zhou Kui claimed to be the head of the Ming Dynasty and that he killed the anti-thief himself. Hauge pleaded not guilty to the charge of robbing a home and killing innocent people. He Luo will stand up at this moment and point out that Hauge has openly cursed the regent for a short life. Haug believes that Dorgon’s hollow-minded thinking and design framed himself and forced him to death.

Unexpectedly, Dorgon really took the knife and asked him to end it himself. Seeing that Dorgon really wanted to kill himself, Haoge dared not speak for himself, and shouted, “Brother Emperor, they are going to kill Big Brother”. Fulin cried and stopped, “Don’t bully your big brother, I am the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, you have to listen to me.” The courtiers looked at each other when they heard this sentence.

Zhezhe and Dayu’er came upon hearing the news. Yuer suggested that Hauge should make atonement for his crimes and set off against the bandits. Dorgon had to announce the pardon of Hauge’s death penalty and was reduced to the county king, fined five thousand silver to compensate the Zhou family, and gave five thousand soldiers and horses to go to the southern expedition. If he wins back, he is still a prince. Azige was also punished, and he followed Duduo to the west, such as killing Liu Zongmin to restore the prince’s title.

After the Hauge incident, Zhezhe realized that now there is no one in the DPRK who can contend with Dorgon. If Da Yuer disobeys Dorgon’s wishes and does not marry him, it may be detrimental to Fulin. She persuaded Da Yuer to follow Dorgon and let herself confess to the first emperor for the sake of Qing and Fulin. In order for Xiao Yuer to better recover from the illness, Da Yuer personally escorted Xiao Yuer back to Horqin.

A good news came from Duoduo and Xi’an had been captured. The remnant of Li Zicheng fled towards Huguang. Dorgon ordered the Duoduo class to return to the court and turned to the south. The Hongguang court in Nanjing could no longer let it go.

Dorgon arbitrarily took the lead and sent a betrothal gift to Da Yuer. Fulin knew that these gifts were meant to marry her emperor, Eniang, crying loudly, and refused to let Eniang marry the fourteenth uncle. He felt that the eldest brother was right, and the Fourteenth Uncle killed Huang Ama to snatch Huang Eniang away.

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