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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 59 Recap

Fulin was shocked after being assassinated, and he believed the words of his elder brother Hauge more and more. I was very scared when I saw Dorgon, and kept saying that I hate reading and hate you all. Dorgon knew it was Hauge’s trouble. Dorgon is determined to find out who was behind the assassination of Fulin and punish him severely. Yuer asked, what if the murderer is your close relative? Dorgon knew that Yuer was referring to Azig. Dorgon wants to rush back to Beijing to deal with the move of the capital. Yuer finally asked Dorgon to return the jade pendant to her. Dorgon understood this to show that Yu’er was willing to trust him again, and was extremely delighted.

Seeing that Chen Jinnan had failed to assassinate Fulin, Ajige ordered Chen Dingfu to be surrounded and accused him of assassinating the Qing emperor. Chen Ding and his wife both cried themselves in order to let Chen Jinnan escape. Chen Jinnan fled in grief and anger. After Dorgon learned about it, he was even more convinced that Azige instructed Chen Jinnan to assassinate Fulin. He is now clearly killing people, thinking that he is now the key to moving the capital. Dorgon has not pursued Aziger for the time being.

In September 1644, Qing Dynasty officially moved its capital from Shengjing to Beijing. Yu’er took Fulin into the Cining Palace, and Dorgon consciously moved out of the Wuying Palace and lived outside the palace. At this time, Da Yuer said to Zhezhe that Dorgon wanted to marry her, but she had not yet agreed. Zhezhe took out the manuscript left to her before Huang Taiji died. He had expected such a day, and the manuscript stated that Yu’er would not marry Dorgon after he died. Huang Taiji had been in his heart for so many years, and he was not relieved until he died.

When the Qing Dynasty entered Beijing, Haoge strongly advocated the separation of Manchus and Hans. Dorgon finally announced that the Mangosteen Eight Banners and the Han Eight Banners would live together in the inner city. Han Baqi slayed the enemy bravely on the battlefield, but they couldn’t chill their hearts. In the future, the army will go south and will use the Han Baqi as the vanguard and reuse their generals.

Fulin didn’t want to read. Dorgon asked him to finish the book before he could go riding a horse. Fulin said that Uncle Fourteen was under house arrest and would not let him play. Dorgon took Fulin to the street to experience the sentiments of the people and told Fulin that these people were his people, not enemies. If you were a good emperor and let the people have a house and food, they would not assassinate him for no reason.

When Fulin saw that a boy his age had died, Erniang felt pathetic and insisted on taking him back to the palace. The Fulinqi boy named Xiaoluzi. With Xiao Luzi’s companionship, Fulin also became serious. Longge saw that Xiaoluzi was a good material for martial arts. Da Yuer decides that Fulin and Xiao Luzi will learn martial arts together, and let Longge accept Xiao Luzi as his adoptive son, so that Xiao Luzi does not need to be an eunuch as a guard.

Xiao Yuer woke up. But she knew no one, she was crazy. The imperial physician Zhengjue Xiao Yu’er suffered a serious brain injury and needed long-term care and rest. Zhezhe felt that it was a good thing for Xiao Yuer to wake up, and Dorgon would not force Da Yuer to marry him.

Dorgon asked Xiao Yuer how he thought about marriage, and Xiao Yuer took out Huang Taiji’s handwriting. Dorgon said angrily, no one can stop us, I must marry you. Da Yuer felt that he didn’t know what to do, so let him give him more time.

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