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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 58 Recap

Dorgon admires the young man who speaks to the people in the city, and asks Aji to check his details. He wants to use it for his own use. In the future, the Central Plains will rule the Han by the Han. This kind of talent is needed. Aji’e found this young man, who turned out to be Chen Jinnan, the son of Chen Ding, the former official of the Ming Dynasty. Aji’e told Chen Jinnan that the last time he gathered a crowd to make trouble and annoyed Dorgon, he had to kill a general.

If he was caught by Dorgon, he would surely slash him. On condition that Chen Jinnan went to Shengjing to kill the little emperor, Aji’e promised to let the whole family return to their hometown in Fujian. Only by killing the little emperor, the regent can claim the emperor. Aji’e gave Chen Jinnan Fulin the portrait and the topographical map of the palace, and also gave him his token to enter and leave the palace.

Hauge took Fulin out of the palace to play without incident. Fulin felt that his elder brother would take him to play, instead of him reading difficult books, he was obedient to him, and trusted Hauge more and more. Haug also said in front of Fulin that his fourteenth uncle ran to Beijing to become the emperor himself, and that he would send someone to kill him in the future. Fulin felt that Uncle Fourteen became more and more terrifying. Seeing that Hauge was playing with Fulin again, Yu’er sternly asked Fulin to come, but unexpectedly Fulin said, I am the emperor, and you must listen to me. Yu’er made up his mind to not allow Hauge to approach Fulin in the future.

In the evening, Chen Jinnan sneaked into the palace to assassinate Fulin, but Yuer desperately grasped the sharp sword with his hand, blood flowed like a pillar. Fulin burst into tears, and Longge pursued the assassin and picked up the white flag token he had left when he fled. Yuer couldn’t believe that the rumor in the palace became a reality. Does Dorgon really want to kill Fulin and proclaim himself emperor?

Da Yuer asked Longge to go to Beijing quickly and bring a letter to the regent, asking him to return to Shengjing immediately. Dorgon opened the letter and fell out of the jade pendant he gave to Yu’er in the past. Love knows that something has happened in the palace. Longer told Dorgon the whole story. Since his brother and nephew were executed, Man Dahai has been monitoring Dorgon. Hearing what Ronge said, Man Dahai knew that this was a good opportunity to deal with Dorgon. He wrote an anonymous letter and sent someone to Shengjing overnight to give it to Prince Su.

Dorgon hurried back to Shengjing and confirmed his innocence to Yuer. Fulin was frightened and changed from his previous closeness. When he saw Dorgon, he hid behind Yu’er. He said, “Uncle Fourteen is going to kill me. You are a murderer, a big bad guy, and my eldest brother is right.” Dorgon was surprised, how did Fulin become like this in just a few months.

Although Yu’er didn’t believe that Dorgon would send someone to kill Fulin, the evidence was in front of him, which made Yu’er suspicious. Dorgon has always been Yu’er’s everything. If he can’t even trust him, who else can this world trust, Yu’er feels that his world is about to collapse. Dorgon tried his best to make Yuer believe in himself. If you don’t even believe her, then what’s the point of living in this world by yourself. Dorgon vowed to investigate this matter.

Dorgon announced that he would move the capital from Shengjing to Beijing. Hauge was the first to object, unwilling to give up his ancestors’ territory. Jierhalang and Daishan also felt that moving the capital was a big deal and should not be rushed. Only Fan Wencheng and Hong Chengchou agreed to move the capital immediately. The capital of Beijing is not only able to radiate the Central Plains, but also convenient to host the national war situation, but also from the perspective of Fengshui, Beijing is the location of Chinese longan, and its geographical location is easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Both Da Yuer and Zhezhe stated that moving the capital to Beijing was the legacy of the first emperor. Now that all conditions are met, Da Qing should have the courage and courage to take this step. Seeing that the empress dowagers of the two palaces agreed, the ministers had no choice but to agree to move their capitals. Haug did not give up, saying that Beijing sent a killer with a white flag token to assassinate the emperor. Zhe Zhe tried his best to cover up.

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