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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 57 Recap

In 1644, the Qing army and the Wu Sangui coalition fought a decisive battle with Li Zicheng’s peasant army in Shanhaiguan. Li Zicheng sent general Liu Zongmin to play forward, and Regent Dorgon was determined to win this battle. Ezhe swept away years of decadence, was brave and invincible on the battlefield, and finally died bravely. Before his death, Ezhe told Dorgon that it was his glory to die on the battlefield. Please take good care of Da Yuer.

The little emperor Fulin followed the teacher to study ancient books and classics, and found it very boring. Haug asked Boguoer to pull Fulin out and go hunting. When Hauge saw that Fulin was young and playful, he often took him out to play, and he asked him not to read these sour articles. The male man just wanted to ride a horse and shoot an arrow. Haug also said to Xiao Fulin that your Huang Ama was killed by Uncle Fourteen, and he will snatch your Huang Niang and kill you. Fulin was dubious. In the evening, Fulin said to E Niang, I hate these homework and just want to learn how to ride a horse and archery. The Fourteenth Uncle not only wanted to harm me, but also took you away. I am the emperor, everyone has to listen to me, whoever upsets me will punish him. Da Yuer was very worried when he learned that Hauge taught him all this.

Dorgon defeated Li Zicheng’s peasant army and defeated Shanhaiguan. The gate of Qing Dynasty to the Central Plains finally opened. In the city, a young Han said to the people that Dorgon Mingli announced that the Qing army was not allowed to disturb the people and allowed his subordinates to burn, kill, and looting. In order to appease the people, after Man Dahai’s investigation, it was Hauge’s cousin Yi Chengge of Zhenghuangqi that caused public outrage. Dorgon ordered Yichenggra to go out and beheaded for disobeying military discipline. Azie felt that Dorgon’s punishment was too severe, which would offend Hauge and the two yellow flags. Dorgon understood that if the Qing Dynasty entered the Central Plains in the future, if the military discipline is not strictly enforced, it will lose popular support and make it impossible for the Qing Dynasty to gain a foothold among the Han.

On May 2, 1644, Dorgon led the Qing army into Beijing under the name of “Helping Chongzhen to Send a Funeral.” Li Zicheng sat on the throne in the Forbidden City for a few days before being driven away by the Qing Dynasty. Dorgon looked at the glorious Forbidden City on the golden wall, and sighed: Father Khan and Starling exhausted all their lives, and the dreams of the two generations of Qing Dynasty were realized in my hands! Dorgon entered the Dragon Court and faced The old officials of the Ming Dynasty announced that three days after the funeral for Chongzhen, the Ming Dynasty’s central agency resumed its administration.

Fearing that the world would not be chaotic, Haug spread rumors around that Dorgon had boarded a dragon chair in the Forbidden City and that the old ministers of the Ming Dynasty also supported him as emperor. Dorgon sent all the elite troops to Beijing, leaving the old, weak, sick and disabled outside the customs, and he had long had wolf ambitions to usurp the throne.

Aji’e persuaded Dorgon to take the throne, and the people only knew the regent, but no one knew the little emperor. If you feel uncomfortable to usurp the throne, get rid of the little emperor. Emperor Zhu Di of the Ming Dynasty also killed his nephew and enthroned. Duoduo even proposed that Shanhaiguan could be the boundary, Fulin would be the emperor outside the customs, and the inside would belong to himself. Now that the throne is at your feet, and the Forbidden City is also at your feet, everything is at your fingertips, shouldn’t it take back everything that should belong to you? Dorgon remembered his vow at the heir meeting, and he had promised Da Yuer that he would marry her as a betrothal gift for Zhongyuan Jiangshan. Dorgon looked at the dragon chair and hesitated again and again.

Dorgon finally understood that what he wanted to realize was not the dream of an emperor, but a complete world. Today, there are Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong’s peasant army in the central and western regions, and the Can Ming forces in the south. The situation of the Qing Dynasty becoming the ruler of the Central Plains is uncertain. Dorgon firmly believed not to be an emperor, and named Duduo General Jingyuan. Together with Wu Sangui, he entered the province from Shanxi to pursue Li Zicheng.

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