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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 56 Recap

Wu Yunna was seriously ill, and Da Yuer rushed to Horqin overnight after receiving the letter. Before her death, Wu Yunna said that Yu’er was Horqin’s golden phoenix, and her Ouwu Ge was right. Da Yu’er realized Horqin’s ambitions, allowing the Aixinjueluo family to flow with Mongolian blood forever.

Dorgon received an emergency report from the customs. The Ming Dynasty was destroyed by Li Zicheng’s Dashun army, Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself and destroyed the foundation of the Ming Dynasty for 270 years. It was God who helped Daqing, and Dorgon finally waited for this day. Now, except for the Shanhaiguan pass guarded by Zu Dashou’s nephew Wu Sangui, no one can stop the Qing’s iron shoes.

Dorgon announced in the court that the Ming Dynasty would be destroyed. Now is a good time for the Qing Dynasty to take over the Central Plains. The Qing Dynasty must mobilize the Eight Banners army to choose the day to march. Fan Wenchen felt that although it was a good opportunity now, the morale of the Dashun Army was booming and it was not allowed to fight head-on. Hauge also stated that Zhenglanqi and Zhenghuangqi did not agree to the expedition at this time.

Seeing the growing opposition, Yu’er stood up and said that although he cannot send troops easily, he must be famous. The banner of the Qing Dynasty going south can be: revenge, sway the crown, and calm the people. Da Qing avenged Chongzhen as a neighbor, so that the people of the Ming Dynasty did not hate Da Qing so much. Seeing that Da Yuer was right, the officials agreed to send troops. Dorgon led the army on the expedition, and he promised Yu’er that he would take victory as a betrothal gift and marry Yu’er when he returned.

Li Zicheng’s general Liu Zongmin not only occupied Wu Sangui’s concubine Chen Yuanyuan, but also killed Wu Sangui’s father. Dorgon felt that the opportunity had arrived, and wanted to take advantage of Wu Sangui’s anger against Li Zicheng to fight for him to submit to the Qing. Li Zicheng and Dorgon sent letters to Wu Sangui to persuade him to submit to themselves. Wu Sangui decided to wait and see instead of making a decision in a hurry.

Zhe Zhe hesitated whether Huang Tai Chi’s Zhaoling Mausoleum was too luxurious, which would be bad for the people and the wealth. Yuer persuaded Zhezhe that Zhaoling is not only a cemetery, but also a monument to the Aixinjueluo family for future generations to worship and admire. It should not be too simple.

Dorgon led the soldiers to fight on the front line, but Su Prince Hauge spread pessimistic remarks among the courtiers. Now Shengjing has only the old, weak, sick and disabled guards. If the war is unfavorable, it will be miserable for the peasant army to fight. The foundation was completely destroyed and could only be returned to Changbai Mountain. Since people don’t have enough hearts to swallow the elephant, Daqing can just guard the north of Shanhaiguan, so greedy, beware of subjugation. Yu’er warned him that Huang Taiji’s blueprint and dream during his lifetime were not to live in the Guan, but to enter the Central Plains. Dorgon was only realizing Huang Taiji’s last wish. The chaos in the Guan is now the best time to attack, and it will be difficult for Li Zicheng to stabilize his regime in the future.

In order to boost morale and remove the pessimistic sentiment spread by Hauge, Yuer decided to show support for Dorgon together with Zhezhe and the emperor Fulin. As the Queen Mother of the Virgin, Da Yuer announced in the Chongzheng Hall that this entry into the Central Plains was not a decision made by Dorgon without authorization, but the last emperor’s will. Soldiers are fighting desperately on the front line. Everyone can’t hold back in the rear. They should unite and accept the mission of the Qing Dynasty to unify China.

Wu Sangui raised his troops, and Li Zicheng led the Dashun army straight to Shanhaiguan. Dorgon disagreed with Wu Sangui’s condition of splitting the soil and dividing and conquering, and decided to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, let them fight against the snipes and clams, and make their own fishermen profit. Dorgon let Ezhe lead a team of clearing soldiers, under the banner of Wu Sangui, attacked the Dashun army, and stopped. Let Li Zicheng doubt Wu Sangui. Wu Sangui was forced to go nowhere by Li Zicheng’s hundreds of thousands of troops, so he had to return to Dorgon. Dorgon promised that as long as the Qing Dynasty enters the Central Plains, Wu Sangui will be promoted from Pingxibo to Pingxi King and become the first hero of the Qing Dynasty.

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