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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 54 Recap

Xiao Yuer hated Da Yuer. Not only did she snatch her man, but now she also snatched her child. She had nothing left, so she must pay the price. Hauge instigated Xiao Yu’er, now Fu Jin of the regent, no different from the queen. Xiao Yuer said bitterly that Dorgon didn’t even want Fujin and the child for the woman and illegitimate child in the palace. Hauge said that he could help Xiao Yuer get revenge.

Xiao Yu’er was forced to lose her mind by hatred, and wanted to make Da Yu’er double the compensation for what she had lost. She entered the palace and went straight to Yongfu Palace. Seeing Fulin playing alone, she picked him up and left. Xiao Yuer dragged Fulin to the tower and made a gesture to throw him down. Da Yuer knelt down and asked Xiao Yuer to let Fulin go.

Xiao Yuer desperately said that in the past ten years, you have not only tortured Dorgon but also tortured me, making our lives worse than death, and our homes are in shreds. Now my child is killed by you, I can never have another child, my only hope of birth is dashed. Hauge, who was hiding by the side, shot Xiao Yu’er with an arrow, and Dorgon, who arrived in time after receiving the news, caught Fulin who had fallen from the tower. Na Mu Zhong saw what Hauge did. Her double-deck plan of making fun of Hauge didn’t work. This plan could kill Fulin and blame Dorgon. Unfortunately, Fulin did not die. .

Yu’er is afraid of holding Fulin, the person who wants to harm Fulin in this palace is more than Xiao Yu’er alone. Dorgon guarded Xiao Yuer, who was unconscious, and felt sorry for Xiao Yuer. Shuo Tuo and Ada Li continued to persuade Dorgon to become emperor. Dorgon solemnly discouraged the two of them, and Zizai Hall had sworn an oath, but he had no idea. Man Dahai was ordered to tell Duduo and Azie that when the overall situation is still undecided, don’t act rashly, otherwise it will make others think that Dorgon is behind it.

Sure enough, Shuo Tuo and Ada Li came to Duduo to lobby, and Duo Duo also persuaded them not to make trouble. Shuo Tuo and Ada Li frequently persuaded everyone to establish Dorgon among relative ministers, and Hauge knew them clearly. They strongly praised that Dorgon’s ascending to the throne actually contained selfishness, and Shuo Tuo felt that they were both uncles and nephews. If Dorgon succeeded to the throne, he would be justified in the future. He decided to use a knife to kill people and force Dorgon to rebel.

Shuo Tuo and Ada Li pretended that they were wrong to accompany Dorgon, and they invited Dorgon to a banquet in Wanhualou. They were addicted to drugs in the wine, making Dorgon and Hai Daman weak. At this time, they brought yellow robe and put on Dorgon. Dorgon didn’t expect that he would fall into the hands of these two boys. This was deliberately infidelity. Shuo Tuo and Ada Li took off the tokens from Dorgon and wanted to rebel with the help of soldiers, to kill Haug and Fulin first, and then take Dorgon to the throne.

Hauge took the guards into the Wanhualou and saw Dorgon wearing a yellow robe, thinking that this was conclusive evidence of his treason. Dorgon and Man Dahai can’t argue with each other. Daishan intercepted Shuo Tuo and Ada Li on the road, angrily accused them of committing a heinous crime, and ordered them to be tied up. Ji’erhalang and Daishan rushed to Wanhualou in time. Daishan took off the yellow robe for Dorgon, who could not move, and it was immediately burned. Hauge advocated that Dorgon rebelled, but Jierhalang said lightly that this was a misunderstanding. He ordered to recite the feats made by Zhe Shuotuo and Adali to save them from death, and at the same time decommission the title, and hand over the red flag in their hands to the emperor. Hauge walked out of Wanhualou and felt as if he had been fooled, but Dorgon was still intact.

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