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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 53 Recap

Dabeile Daishan presided over the meeting of discussing and descending monarchs in Chongzheng Hall. Huang Taiji did not leave a legacy, and Prince Su Hauge and Prince Rui Dorgon were the two heirs. Dodor suggested that Haug could stabbed his Fujin to death with three knives, indicating that morality is poor. Dorgon’s military merits, prestige, and talent are far superior to Prince Su, so he should succeed him. Hauge accused the three Dorgon brothers of launching a mutiny in Fengyiting, and they were even more disqualified. The two yellow flags stated that they only support the succession of the prince to the throne. If the prince is not established, the yellow flag would rather die.

Dorgon saw the situation stalemate. If it continues, blood may be splashed in the Hall of Chongzheng. He made up his mind and said loudly. In that case, Hauge and I step back. No one will sit on this dragon chair. Please everyone. Choose other princes. Ji’erhalang only recommended Jiu Age to succeed him. When the first emperor died, he only left Jiu Age by his side, which can prove his intentions.

Daishan also hurriedly expressed his stance, agreeing that Jiu elder brother ascended the throne, and Prince Zheng Jier Harang and Prince Rui Dorgon would take charge. When Jiu elder brother reaches adulthood, he can return to politics. The two yellow flags had reached this point and had no choice but to agree. Hauge didn’t expect the situation to turn like this, and hurriedly said that the son of a senior concubine was more qualified. Dorgon denied that she had married someone else in her early years and was not fit to be an emperor.

Concubine Na Muzhong was unwilling to be reconciled to this ending, dragged Bogor to the hall and cried out that the emperor was poisoned to death by an adulterer and adulterous woman. How could Fulin, who is unknown in his background, be the throne? Whose son is Jiu elder brother? Figure it out. Daishan saw that Na Mu Zhong was more and more uncomfortable, but he was helpless, and did not order Na Mu Zhong to be dragged out until the queen.

Dorgon swears to the sky in front of the coffin of Huang Taiji: Dorgon will support the young master and will never be wrong. Anyone who has wrong intentions is a troubled courtier and thief, and everyone gets punishable. Yuer thanked Dorgon for giving up the throne and saving herself and Fulin. Dorgon felt that it was worth giving up the throne for the sake of the Eight Banners of the Qing Dynasty not to kill each other, and for Yu’er and Fulin.

Aji’e scolded Dorgon for giving up the Qing dynasty for the sake of a woman. Only then did Dorgon tell them that before the Jirhalang Council, he was looking for him to tell him the contents of the first emperor’s edict: Li Jiu, Prince Zheng Jirharang and Prince Li, serving as the assistant government. Jierhalang proposed that in order to prevent the Qing Dynasty from being torn apart, he and Daishan were willing to withdraw from the government and let Dorgon be the regent alone. Based on the situation in the hall at that time, he did so by retreating and advancing without losing the government. What is lost is fictitious name, what is gained is real power. Although Haug was staring at him, he couldn’t move him now. According to his temperament, he would dig his own grave sooner or later.

Xiao Yuer lost his temper in the mansion, and Dorgon gave Da Yuer everything, and now he even gave her the throne, which really made the world laugh. The uncle and the widowed sister-in-law are not clear, who knows if the dragon will inherit the throne. Dorgon heard Xiao Yu’er talk more and more ridiculously, angrily overthrew Xiao Yu’er. Xiao Yuer hurt her fetal gas, and the child didn’t keep it. Xiao Yuer felt that her only hope of life was gone. I hate Da Yuer even more.

Daishan’s son Shuo Tuo and grandson Adali were still unwilling, and they lobbied around the palace nobles to make Dorgon the emperor. Ji’erhalang asked them who meant it. Dai Shan advised them not to be troublesome, otherwise it would be a disaster for their family.

He Luo would be the best at seeing the wind and turning the rudder.

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