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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 52 Recap

Yuer brought bird’s nest porridge from the Imperial Dining Room, but found that Huang Taiji was lying beside the unfinished edict. Delu peeked his nose and shouted that the emperor was dead. In 1643, Huang Taiji, who must have done everything personally, was overworked and passed away, leaving an unfinished will. Yu’er saw that Huang Taiji wrote the edict to allow Jiu Age to ascend the throne. She was not happy and worried, and felt that Huang Taiji would harm Fulin. Yuer saw the sad scene of Dorgon’s mother being forced to hang herself. She knew the danger of the throne and was afraid that she and Fulin would follow in her footsteps. Yu’er only hoped that Fulin would live a peaceful life, but didn’t want him to be emperor.

Yu’er knows how many people are staring at the throne. If the announcement of the will will bring death to Fulin, she asks Father Delu not to announce the will for the time being. The most important thing now is the attitude of Dorgon, and he is not sure about it. Since the situation is like this, for the sake of happiness, Qing Dynasty, and Horqin, they can’t escape, they can only hold on. Zhezhe ordered no one to enter the palace, delaying time, and waiting for Dorgon to return to the court.

There was a death knell in the palace, and everyone knew that the emperor had returned to heaven. Haug was the first to come to the palace and was about to break in. Half of the two yellow flags were loyal to the queen’s soldiers, surrounded by force to protect the safety of the palace. Hauge had to return.

Dorgon knew the situation was serious, and hurried back to Shengjing day and night. The queen and Fan Wencheng asked him to enter the palace to discuss the establishment of an heir. Zhe Zhe analyzes the situation for Dorgon. If you and Haoge do not give in, it will cause the Qing Dynasty to fall apart. The fact that the Qing Dynasty can have today is not due to Huang Taiji alone, but the foundation created by the two generations of their father and son, including Dorgon.

Everyone hopes that Dorgon will pick up this burden, but judging from the current situation, we can only fight for it in another way. If you fight to the end, even if you win, you can only get a great Qing. Fan Wencheng told Dorgon that the two yellow flags had expressed their attitude and only supported the son of the first emperor, no matter who it was. The only way to weigh the forces of all parties is to assist Fulin and Dorgon to assist him. The real power of the Qing Dynasty is still in his hands. This is also the only opportunity to protect Da Yuer’s mother and child.

Dorgon doesn’t want to face all this, he can give up the throne for Yuer, he wants Yuer to leave everything behind, and find a peaceful place with him for his whole life. Yuer felt that by giving up the world in this way and handing over the Qing Dynasty to Yongfu Hauge, who didn’t know how to write, was disregarding the people. Only the rule of the world can achieve true peace and tranquility. Huang Taiji only led the Great Qing to take half of the steps, and he should lead the remaining half of the steps to bring Da Qing into the Central Plains and dominate the world. Dorgon thought deeply.

The battle for the throne between Haug and Dorgon intensified. According to statistics from Azie and Duduo, those who support Duoergun have the upper hand, and they are sure of winning. Xiao Yuer was proud of it. If Dorgon became the emperor, he would be a queen in the future, so he must clean up the vixen Da Yuer.

Moving forward the next morning, Jirhalang called Dorgon aside to speak.

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