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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 51 Recap

Longge took out the token of Huang Taiji to prevent Hauge from killing Dorgon. Five hundred Zhengbaiqi soldiers also vowed to defend Dorgon to the death, allowing him to escape at night. Huang Taiji asked why Longge was injured, and only then did he know that Hauge privately ordered Dorgon to be killed. Weak Huang Taiji scolded Hauge with all his strength.

Wubaizhengbaiqi is also our Baqizi brother. They came from Cangzhou to save us. You killed them so cruelly. Haug replied in horror, this was to preserve the emperor’s power, and it was your acquiescence. Huang Taiji knew that Hauge angered Dorgon and caused a catastrophe. He never expected that the last thing he had to watch out for was his own son.

Dorgon fled back to the camp, and Duduo withdrew his troops to find out that the five hundred soldiers of Zhengbaiqi had been killed by Hauge, and vowed to avenge him. Hauge escorted the seriously ill Huang Taiji back to Shengjing. Hauge made up his mind that if Huang Ama wouldn’t stand up for himself, as long as he died, he would immediately control Chongzheng Hall and seize power.

After Hauge’s persecution, Dorgon knew that there was no turning back, so he decided not to endure anymore, and immediately returned to Beijing to take back what belonged to him. Dorgon learned that Huang Taiji had returned to Shengjing under Hauge’s escort. He must have been in bad health. He had to rush back quickly, or Hauge would turn back when it was too late.

Zhe Zhe was heartbroken seeing Huang Taiji’s condition getting worse. Huang Taiji knows that there is not much time, and talks to Zhezhe about setting up an emperor’s heir. Although Haug is a fierce general on the battlefield, he is selfish and cruel, and he is not expected to be an emperor. Although Dorgon was both wise and brave, he was unwilling to pass on the throne to Dorgon. He fought with Dorgon for a lifetime, but finally gave way to him. No matter how broad Dorgon’s mind was, he would never forget how his mother died. .

Na Muzhong knew that Huang Taiji was seriously ill, so she had taught Boguoer what to say in advance and came to see Huang Taiji. Bogor said to Huang Amma, I like your dragon ball hat, can you give it to me? Huang Taiji understood what Na Muzhong meant, and said to Boguoer, this hat is too heavy and you are too young to wear it. Bogor’s answer is fluent, my mother and grandpa will help me, and I will become a promising emperor. Huang Taiji was very displeased to see that Na Mu Zhong was so anxious to fight for the throne before he died.

Yuer took Fulin to visit Huang Taiji. Huang Taiji told Yu’er that he dreamed that Hai Lanzhu had come to him. He begged Yu’er to forgive him. He had taken the best years of her life and took away Yu’er’s youth and smile. For seventeen years, Yuer has never been truly happy. Yuer cried more than ever.

Huang Taiji felt that he was better, and insisted on going to the study to review the chapter. Great Belle Deshan and Mang Gurtai should come to discuss the establishment of an heir.

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