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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 9 Recap

Li Chengtao asked someone to complete the procedures. Cai Xiaoli didn’t like Meng Xiaoxing staying in the restaurant. Li Chengtao was worried about offending Han Chunming, but he couldn’t make Cai Xiaoli uncomfortable. He had to fire Meng Xiaoxing. After Meng Xiaoxing arrived home, he frowned and Li Chengtao came. Han Chunming’s family promised to find another job for her. Mother Han discovered that Meng Xiaoxing changed quickly after entering the city, and Meng Xiaoxing wanted to stay. Broken Hou helps Han Chunming find good things, and Han Chunming wants to go to the South to make a lot of money.

When Han Chunming returned home, she was questioned by Meng Xiaoxing. She still wanted to be the boss. After being frustrated, Meng Xiaoxing planned to return home. Han Chunming came to Li Chengtao’s restaurant. He found Cai Xiaoli in the back kitchen to ask about Meng Xiaoxing. After Li Chengtao came back from shopping, Cai Xiaoli was not happy. Cai Xiaoli wanted Han Chunming to leave the restaurant. Li Chengtao was embarrassed and couldn’t help him. Asked Uncle Guan for advice, after Han Chun was born, he heard Uncle Guan talk about the reason.

Han Chunming knew that he blamed him, he and Su Meng had already pledged each other in the Temple of Heaven. When Han Chunming returned home, he told his mother that he and Su Meng had a good relationship. Mother Han couldn’t believe it. She was just worried about Han Chunming’s flying eggs, and Han Chunming advised her to rest assured. Han Chunming intends to go to Hainan. Before resigning, he gave a four hundred yuan passbook to his partner Sister Ma. Sister Ma was grateful. Han Chunming talked about his thoughts when meeting Su Meng for dinner. She liked to be with him.

Cai Xiaoli secretly told Cheng Jianjun the time and place of Han Chunming’s shipment with Li Chengtao behind her back, and Cheng Jianjun was prepared to make trouble. Su’s mother knew about Su Meng’s relationship with Han Chunming, and she didn’t want to interfere more. Su’s father persuaded her when he knew about it. He thought that Han Chunming would have nothing to do in the future. After thinking about it, Li Chengtao asked Manager Wang to help him not put the goods Han Chunming sent from Guangzhou at Fengtai Station. He judged that Cheng Jianjun would be a hindrance.

Su Meng reassures her family that she thinks she is very sensible in dating and needs time to digest. Cai Xiaoli called Cheng Jianjun and told him not to come to the restaurant in the future. Cheng Jianjun believed that Han Chunming could be caught in public, and Han Chunming was accused by the section chief for intelligence errors. Cheng Jianjun wanted to continue to cooperate with Cai Xiaoli, and he also wanted to do business, Cai Xiaoli agreed. Li Chengtao brought a box of oranges to Cai Xiaoli’s home, and Cai’s mother asked him to wait at home for a while.

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