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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate 正阳门下 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Jianjun asked Cheng Mu to talk about him and Su Meng. Cheng Mu didn’t want to interfere in her marriage. Cheng Jianjun knew that the problem was with Su Meng. Meng Xiaoxing wanted to stay and take care of Han Chunming, and wanted him to marry herself. Han Chunming asked her to go to work in Li Chengtao’s restaurant. On January 30, Meng Xiaoxing was very happy.

Cheng Jianjun expressed his attitude to Su Meng, and Su Meng did not want to consider the issue of people for the time being. After arriving at the restaurant, Meng Xiaoxing told Cai Xiaoli that Han Chunming and Su Meng had not spoken for three years. Cai Xiaoli said that Su’s father was sick because of Han Chunming’s money, and Meng Xiaoxing did not believe that there was a relationship between them.

Li Chengtao had to tell Cai Xiaoli the truth, and Han Chunming hurried back to the hospital after learning that the matter had been shaken. After returning home, Meng Xiaoxing told his family what Han Chunming had done. The family members were worried that Han Chunming would not pay the money. Brother Han wanted to teach Han Chun a lesson, and asked Han Mu not to worry about it.

After Han Chunming met Su Meng in the hospital, she asked her not to tell his family that the money was borrowed from him, and Su Meng agreed. When Han Chunming arrived home, he was questioned by his family. Meng Xiaoxing also heard what Cai Xiaoli and Li Chengtao said. When Han Chunming questioned her, Meng Xiaoxing told her the truth.

After Su Meng returned home, she was asked about borrowing money by the Han family. She pretended not to know it. Only then did the Han family believe that Han Chunming was innocent, and Meng Xiaoxing couldn’t argue. When Cheng Jianjun went out, he saw Han Chunming and Su Meng talking. When he stepped forward, Cheng Jianjun left on a motorcycle. On the road, Su Meng asked Cheng Jianjun whether the 30,000 yuan was an IOU for Han Chunming. Cheng Jianjun insisted on making it. Su Meng asked Han Chunming to ask him clearly.

Cheng Jianjun found out that Han Chunming was borrowing money at the time. Han Chunming knew that he was throwing things over while playing Yin. Cheng Jianjun rode away in embarrassment. He regarded Han Chunming as his greatest enemy. Su Meng couldn’t find Han Chunming everywhere. She asked Cai Xiaoli about Han Chunming’s loan.

Cai Xiaoli couldn’t tell. Su Meng was angry and left. Cheng Jianjun followed Su Meng secretly and was discovered by Cai Xiaoli. Mother Han asked Su Meng to enter the house after hearing the sound of Han Chunming’s motorcycle. After Han Chunsheng entered the door and saw Su Meng’s bicycle, she slipped out.

Su Meng was assigned to work in the Education Bureau. She told her family about the truth about Cheng Jianjun’s borrowing money from Han Chunsheng. Han Chunsheng deliberately avoided her, and her family reminded her to take care of her relationship with Han Chunming. After Su Meng found Han Chunming, she looked for a quiet place to chat. He took her to the Temple of Heaven on a motorcycle.

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