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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 50 Recap

The imperial doctor told Dorgon that his Fujin Xiaoyuer was happy. Xiao Yuer refuses to accept that Dorgon is so indifferent to her wanting to be an Ama, but she loves Da Yuer’s Fulin. She suspected that Chuo Erji had used a bloody guide, using a trick to hide from the sky.

Dorgon still publicly declared that Shame and his second minister, Hong Chengchou, stood in the same court. Fan Wencheng asked Concubine Zhuang to persuade him. Su Mo’er came to see Dorgon, but he said coldly not to do Yu’er. Now Yu’er is favored again, and Fulin also returns to the palace. He has no use value, and they will still seldom interact with each other in the future.

Seeing that Dorgon misunderstood him like this, Yuer should not disturb him in the future. He should have his own life and his own children. Fan Wencheng told Dorgon cryptically that the emperor is currently in poor health, and Daqing will have to rely on the prince to carry him in the future. For Daqing, Hong Chengchou is indispensable. He must win over Hong Chengchou.

Huang Taiji noticed the look in Da Yu’er looking at Dorgon, and understood that Yu’er still thought of him. Yuer can only say that for seventeen years, I have given you everything I can give you, including the best years and admiration in my life. Huang Taiji sighed, you just can’t give me your heart. Yu’er said calmly, let the past things go, and I just want to stay safe with you and Fulin in the future. After seventeen years of fighting, the two seemed to forgive each other.

Huang Taiji was preparing to conquer the Ming by himself, but Zhezhe saw that he was in poor health and advised him not to conquer him by himself. At this time, the Ming Dynasty was being beaten up by Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong’s peasant army, and the Qing Dynasty took the opportunity to go south, and it was bound to be like a broken bamboo. Huang Taiji couldn’t let others see that he couldn’t move, and insisted on going to the battlefield in person.

After several years of sufficient treasury and accumulation of power, the Qing Dynasty decided to fight the Ming Dynasty. Huang Taiji ordered the Eight Banners soldiers to divide into two groups. One was led by Dorgon and attacked from the east, and the other was led by himself and marched west. Huang Taiji was tired all the way, and his condition became more and more serious. He ordered Longge not to speak out, so as not to disturb the military’s mind. Hand over the power to command the West Wing Army to Hauge, who will take down Changping.

Under the leadership of Dorgon, the Eastern Route Army victorious steadily. However, it was learned that the West Wing Army was under the command of Prince Su Hauge because of the emperor’s physical illness. If the Ming army strengthened, the Qing army would be in danger. In response to Huang Taiji’s personal rescue from the siege of Jinzhou, Dorgon decided to split the Eastern Route Army into two groups. Duduo led most of the troops to advance and brought some troops to the north to solve the siege of Changping. The arrival of Dorgon relieved the difficulties of the West Wing Army and increased the morale of the soldiers. Hearing everyone’s support for Dorgon, Huang Taiji felt very uncomfortable. Could it be that he was so old and weak and let Dorgon take his place?

Haug is fanning the flames, and Dorgon is now the master of merit, and his reputation is louder than Huangzhi. Since the end of the Songjin War, Dorgon has become more and more influential in the army. At that time, all the Eight Banners soldiers were led by him. The soldiers all forgot about the existence of the emperor, but only knew Dorgon. Just take advantage of the few cavalry he brought this time and kill Dorgon. Huang Taiji did not agree.

Seeing that Huang Taiji’s condition worsened, Hauge seemed to be unable to live long, falsely spread the holy will, and raised troops to kill Dorgon. Long Ge took out Huang Taiji’s token and rescued Dorgon.

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