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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 49 Recap

Hong Chengchou, with a determination to die, did not eat or drink for seven consecutive days and went on a hunger strike. All those who tried to persuade them to surrender, including the former officials of the Ming Dynasty, were scolded bloody by him. Huang Taiji felt that Hong Chengchou was a rare talent, and the military layout of the Ming Dynasty was in his mind. If he could return to the Qing Dynasty, the court would benefit infinitely. Although not sure, Fan Wencheng had to give it one last try. But Hong Chengchou remained unmoved.

In desperation, Huang Taiji had to post an article, whoever has the ability to persuade Hong Chengchou will surely be rewarded. Yuer stood up at this time and said that he would help the emperor share his worries. But two conditions were put forward. One is that if Hong Chengchou can be persuaded, Huang Taiji should not intervene in questioning. . Second, after the incident was completed, Yuer asked to go out of the palace to take care of Fulin.

As a mother, I can’t bear the pain of separation. Huang Taiji agreed to her request and gave Yuer a token of free entry and exit. Duduo heard that Hong Chengchou was a womanizer, and feared that Yu’er would be dangerous to persuade him to surrender. Dorgon knew that during this period of time, Huang Taiji sent ten beauties to accompany him every day, but they were all scolded by Hong Chengchou. He was not a righteous person.

In the middle of the night, someone rescued Hong Chengchou from Sanguan Temple and took him out of the city with a token of Huang Taiji. At the fork in the road, the knight claimed to be Lu Zhu, the chief rudder of the Autumn Leaves Association, and asked him to rush back to Nanjing immediately. Hong Chengchou asked the knight to see people in their true colors. When someone took off the mask, Hong Chengchou discovered that she turned out to be a beautiful and beautiful concubine Zhuang. It turned out that the wisdom and beauty of Concubine Zhuang had already spread throughout Daming, and Hong Chengchou had bought her portrait with a lot of money. Yu’er didn’t want Hong Chengchou to return to the Qing Dynasty, but said that it was extremely difficult for him to see the emperor. Hong Chengchou was a talent with noble integrity and full of economics.

Killing him was a loss in the world. Yuer made a small request. Hong Chengchou returned to his hometown this time. Please go back to the countryside and stop helping the corrupt Ming Dynasty. Huang Taiji has always been eager to seek talents, and if he enters the Central Plains, he will adopt the strategy of one family in the world and governing the country by virtue. After hearing what Yuer said, Hong Chengchou decided not to leave. Since Huang Taiji promised that the whole world would be a family in the future, instead of surviving in the mountains, it is better to serve the people well, make up for the merits, and benefit the common people.

The next day, Hong Chengchou wore a Qing suit and went to court. He laughed at himself as a loyal and martyr, but now he is a traitor and a traitor. Fan Wencheng was relieved that Hong Chengchou’s defeat was not due to his own cause, but because he did not meet the Mingzhu, and now meets the true emperor, he will definitely exert his greatest ability. History has always been written by winners. As long as they benefit from the people, the people will be grateful. When Huang Taiji saw that Hong Chengchou finally returned, he was very relieved. Immediately reuse Hong Chengchou, give him the post of Shangshu and Bachelor of the Ministry of War, and receive the same treatment as the prince.

When Yuer returned to Yongfu Palace, she was delighted to find that Father Fulu had already ordered Fulin back to the palace. Dorgon always looked down on Hong Chengchou, thinking that he was just a second courtier who bent his knees. Xiao Yuer entered the palace to sit in Linzhi Palace, and both of them gritted their teeth and said, Yuer and Fulin returned to Yongfu Palace, and the good days were gone. Haug came to see the imperial concubine empress specially, he brought two copies of Jiangnan pearl powder, one for the fourteenth aunt. Na Muzhong understands that Hauge and them share a common enemy.

Huang Taiji came to see Fulin, and Fulin felt afraid and avoided seeing Huang Taiji’s majesty. On the other hand, Fulin was very close to Dorgon, and even said without a word that he wanted Uncle Fourteen to be an Ama. Dorgon and Yu’er were shocked when they heard this. Although Huang Taiji was angry, he didn’t say anything. After coughing, he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood.

Huang Taiji couldn’t take any time off, as soon as he stopped, he felt the shadow of Concubine Chen shaking in front of his eyes. Fulin’s strangeness to him made Huang Taiji feel even more lonely. Fu Lu advised the emperor that the relationship with Jiu elder brother needs time to accompany him. This is human nature. Yu’er also told Fulin that his Ama is the greatest hero in the world, and no one can match it.

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