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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 48 Recap

Dorgon came to see Fulin when he was free and took him on horseback and archery. Fulin and his relationship grew stronger and he thought it was Uncle Fourteen as his Amma. After Hai Lanzhu’s death, Yuer saw Huang Taiji’s sadness and felt ashamed of him. Yuer asks Dorgon to face the reality and try to meet as few as possible in the future. After all, she is Huang Taiji’s concubine.

Xiao Yuer was very angry when seeing that Dorgon did not return home the first time he came back from the expedition, but instead came to see Yuer and Fulin. Dorgon said without hesitation that he could give birth to Yu’er and die for Yu’er, and he didn’t care if Xiao Yu’er went to report.

Xiao Yuer was angrily riding back home alone, but accidentally fell off the horse. Haug rescued Xiao Yu’er, and seeing Xiao Yu’er so beautiful and unruly, he wanted to take the opportunity to retaliate against Dorgon. Knowing that Xiao Yuer was wronged in Dorgon, Haug pretended to comfort Xiao Yuer and persuaded her to stay in the hotel overnight.

Xiao Yu’er also wanted to be deliberately angry with Dorgon, saying that his foot was injured, teasing Hauge and asking him to go to the hotel with his back on his back. In the evening, Hauge persuaded Xiao Yu’er to drink, trying to get her drunk. Who knows that Xiao Yu’er grew up in the grassland and had an amazing amount of alcohol. She pretended to be drunk and deliberately vomited Haug all the dirt, causing Haug to flee viciously.

Since Yuer told Dorgon not to meet again, she regretted that she had said such an unrelenting remark in her heart. She felt that she had failed Dorgon’s deep affection, and all the troubles were caused by her. Whether he died by herself, the two brothers Huang Taiji and Dorgon would not fight. Su Moer persuaded Yuer that she used to live for Dorgon, but now she wants to live for Brother Jiu. Fulin is the blood and blood of the emperor, and he will definitely take him back to the palace in the future. He still needs Yu’er to help him withstand the blood and blood in the palace.

Dorgon was a little unhappy when he saw Hauge send Xiao Yu’er back to the palace. Hauge said in his words that the fourteenth sister-in-law didn’t seem to want to come back after staying out all night. If you don’t love her, she will have to leave home next time. Run away.

Hong Chengchou was placed in Sanguan Temple by Huang Taiji. Hauge didn’t understand why Hong Chengchou used such nasty words to scold Huang Taiji every day. Why should he keep it? Seeing his arrogant appearance, it seemed that he would never return. It took Huang Taiji ten years to persuade his ancestors to have his birthday.

Hong Chengchou was afraid it would be even harder to persuade him. Huang Taiji reminded Hauge that if he only guards the current territory of the Qing Dynasty, one Mr. Fan is enough, and now that the Qing Dynasty wants to enter the Central Plains and become the emperor of the real empire, he must have these good ministers. With them, the snake can change. Become a dragon and swallow the elephant of the Ming Dynasty. Moreover, if Hong Chengchou is reused in the future, he will definitely become a pawn against Dorgon.

Dorgon felt sad when he thought of Da Yuer’s unfeeling words. Seeing that Dorgon was drinking and begging to get drunk again, Xiao Yuer hugged Dorgon tightly, telling her affection for him. She said to Dorgon, it’s okay if you don’t love me, but I want a child, so I Will not bet all the love on you. Dorgon hugged Xiao Yu’er and vented his emotions on her.

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