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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 47 Recap

Huang Taiji missed Hailanzhu too much, and he was overworked and ill. Empress Zhezhe interrogated the maids in the harem, and ordered Fulin’s caretaker to identify which maid sent the poisonous snack to Fulin, but found that she was not among these maids.

Ling’er was afraid of doing bad things and burned incense to the gods. Upon seeing this, Na Muzhong felt that Ling’er was too courageous to withstand the forced confession, and should get rid of her. Ava of Nam Chung came to visit her. Ava heard that Na Muzhong was at odds with the concubines in the harem, and advised her to stay on track. In case she was gone, the emperor would not be so polite to her.

The queen learned that Ling’er, Na Mu Zhong’s personal court lady, drowned after she inquired about poisonous snacks, and knew that it must be Na Mu Zhong’s murder. Huang Taiji was struggling to have Awa, who was Na Muzhong, contribute to the Qing Dynasty, and because of no evidence, he had to be patient for the time being. Lord Abadi taught Na Muzhong in front of Huang Taiji, asking her to take Elder Brother Eleven well, is the best reward to the emperor. Huang Taiji saw that he knew the director, so he didn’t pursue it.

Long Ge reported to Da Yu’er that it was a poisoned snack sent by Ling’er, the maid of her brother’s house, Qiaoniang. Ling’er is now dead, and Qiaoniang’s whereabouts are unknown. There is no evidence of her death. Na Muzhong repeatedly framed Yu’er, but this time she was going to poison Fu Lin to death, making Yu’er intolerable. Huang Taiji Hai Lanzhu held a grand funeral. Yu’er was moved by his dissatisfaction and grief for Hai Lanzhu.

The day when Zu Dashou was stationed in Jinzhou came to the end of its ammunition and food. In order to prevent the whole city from starving to death, Zu Dashou had to open the city gate and clear it. Songshan had been without food for several months and the artillery shells had been burnt out. In addition, the army lieutenant generals colluded with the Qing army to open the city gate, and the army was in a mess, and Hong Chengchou was arrested. After Hong Chengchou was captured, he scolded Huang Taiji, and his nephew Man Dahai’s brother Ma Zhan died of Hong Chengchou’s artillery. Hauge took out Huang Taiji’s imperial decree, and could only subdue Hong Chengchou but not beheaded, blocking Dorgon.

Huang Taiji tried his best to conquer Hong Chengchou, because he was familiar with Confucian academies and was proficient in Ming dynasty’s ordinance system, and as the eight governors of the Ming dynasty, he knew the military line of defense of the Ming dynasty. With Hong Chengchou’s help, he could let him The Qing Dynasty adapted to the rule of the Central Plains in the shortest time.

Knowing that the more than 100,000 troops of the Ming army were defeated, the main generals took the remnants and fled in all directions. Dorgon ordered the battle to be cleaned up, and the class returned to the court. Huang Taiji was overjoyed when he received the victory from the Jinning defense line sent by Dorgon. Jinzhou, which he had been thinking about for half his life, is now finally back to the Qing Dynasty. He wants to reward these soldiers for meritorious service.

After General Dorgon returned to Zhao after printing the Bi, Huang Taiji ordered the restoration of the title of Prince Dorgon Rui. Zu Dashou returned to Qing Dynasty again. Seeing that his son, Zu Kefa, not only did not suffer in Daqing, he also paid more attention to it. He felt that Huang Taiji’s grandeur was not comparable to that of Da Ming Hun Jun. Huang Taiji returned by himself and waited for ten years. This time he was convinced. Hong Chengchou scolded his ancestors for selling their ancestors for their longevity.

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