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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 46 Recap

The grain and grass in the Ming army city are running out, and the victory of the Qing Dynasty is in sight. Dorgon ordered Hauge’s Zhenglan Banner to deploy troops to support Duodor’s inlaid white flag to guard Songshan. Hauge is dissatisfied with Huang Taiji handing the Shuai Yin to Dorgon, and decides to neglect his life and deliberately fight Dorgon. Hong Chengchou broke through from Songshan guarded by Duduo. Duduo was defeated in a bitter battle, but learned that Hauge had not come for reinforcements and marched in the southeast direction.

Huang Taiji missed Hailanzhu in Guansui Palace, and Yuer put clothes on him. Hai Lanzhu left a letter to Huang Taiji, asking him to forgive Yuer and let Yuer return to Yongfu Palace. Yuer knew that it was not Hailanzhu, and couldn’t make up for the hollowness of Huang Taiji’s heart, so she could only watch him in pain. Yuer only knew now that she had never read Huang Taiji.

Haug watched the fire from the other side of Songshan, thinking that even if Duduo were not dead, he would be able to bear the charge of losing Songshan. Hong Chengchou broke through and killed in the southwest direction, but instead of killing Dorgon, he went straight to the granary of Zhenglan Banner. This move was beyond Hauge’s expectation. When he hurriedly arrived, Zhenglanqi’s granary had been burnt down. Dorgon gave Hauge two choices. One was to mobilize troops to supplement the white flag, and the other was to bring the Zhenglan flag back to Shengjing to report to Huang Taiji. Hauge didn’t dare to return to Beijing, so he had to obey Dorgon obediently.

When Hailanzhu’s bones were not cold, Na Muzhong went to Huang Taiji to slander again, saying that the concubine Chen was killed by Da Yuer, because the concubine Chen had taken the emperor’s favor and let Yuer enter the cold palace again, separating mother and child. Although Huang Taiji knew that Na Muzhong was talking nonsense, he couldn’t help but become suspicious.

Na Mu Zhong knew that Yu’er missed the Jiu elder brother and deliberately showed her son in front of her. She also ridiculed Yu’er, the emperor refused to let Jiu elder brother return to the palace because he believed that he was not his own son. Wu Keshan made great contributions in the Battle of Songjin, and Huang Taiji agreed to Yu’er to visit Fulin. When Na Muzhong learned that Huang Taiji was pleased with Concubine Zhuang to visit Jiu, he was afraid that one day he would take Jiu back to the palace and threaten her Eleven.

She promised to raise the brother of the maid Ling’er to three consecutive levels and asked her to do something. Elder Brother Jiu received the snack that Empress Empress brought from the palace, and after eating, he was unconscious. It turned out that Ling’er arranged for Qiaoniang, the maid in her brother’s mansion, to deliver poisoned snacks under the guise of the queen, and arranged for Qiaoniang to leave Shengjing immediately after the delivery.

Brother Jiu had a strange disease, he was unconscious, his complexion turned blue, but his pulse condition was normal, and the imperial doctor could not diagnose the disease. When Yuer was in a panic, the Mongolian genius Chuo Erji just wandered to Shengjing. After seeing it, Chuo Erji knew that the nine elder brother was a strange poison called Poison Soul Water. If there is no antidote within seven days, it will die without disease.

This kind of poison must be induced by the blood of the biological parents to be relieved. The blood of Huang Taiji and Yu’er melted together, and the Jiu elder brother really woke up after drinking. Zhezhe said to Yu’er that he should thank those who poisoned him, so that he has the opportunity to prove that Fulin is the emperor’s own flesh and blood. Huang Taiji was convinced that Jiu elder brother was his son, with mixed feelings.

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