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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 45 Recap

After the imperial physician gave Hai Lanzhu the pulse, he shook his head at the queen, I am afraid that time is running out. Because of excessive thinking and physical weakness for a long time before, now I have suffered from the wind and cold, and I am even weaker. Liuli reported to Zhezhe that she came back with her clothes. She seemed to hear Elder Brother yelling Erniang and saw the figure of Noble Concubine Na Muzhong. She must have deliberately induced Concubine Chen to chase Elder Brother Eleven by the pool. Zhe Zhe suffered from no evidence and had to let it go temporarily.

Zhezhe didn’t care about Yu’er’s ban in Lenggong, and approached Yu’er to discuss countermeasures. Yuer thought that the emperor loved Hailanzhu so much and must tell him. Zhezhe worried that it was the time for Songjin to fight Guan Jian, and calling him back would affect morale and affect the situation of the battle.

Huang Taiji cut off the Ming army’s food path, which was tantamount to breaking their lifeline. Hong Chengchou decided to attack the main camp by night. Huang Taiji was unprepared. When the situation was critical, Wu Keshan led Mongolian soldiers to come for reinforcements. General Cao Bianjiao of the Ming army was besieged and died in his country. His soldiers followed General Cao to the death and all committed suicide. Huang Taiji said that the terrible thing about the Han people is not their artillery and military strength, but their hearts and minds. Huang Taiji realized that for Daming Jiangshan, only by subduing their hearts can the world be unified. Huang Taiji had a nosebleed due to overwork, and the imperial doctor asked him to take more rest.

Empress Empress sent an emergency report, and the concubine Chen was in a serious condition and was in a hurry. When Huang Taiji heard the news, he felt heartbroken and felt that he could not leave the bloody Eight Banners soldiers at this time. Dorgon took the initiative to ask Huang Taiji to go back with confidence, and Huang Taiji, the commander-in-chief, gave Dorgon the command of the war on his behalf. Dorgon vowed to completely win this battle for the sake of the Qing Dynasty, and live up to his trust.

Before Hai Lanzhu died, she asked Yu’er to forgive him no matter how the emperor had treated her. Although Huang Taiji is a man who looks at the world, he is aloof, but he also has inner sadness and helplessness. Hai Lanzhu also told Yu’er that even the emperor himself did not know that he had called Yu’er’s name more than once in his dream. The emperor still loved Yuer, he hurt Yuer only because he was unwilling. Hai Lanzhu asked Yu’er to take good care of the emperor for her and heal the pain in his heart.

Huang Taiji rushed back day and night, Hai Lanzhu had closed his eyes. Huang Taiji was so distraught that he didn’t even see his beloved one for the last time, he couldn’t bear to leave Hai Lanzhu. He confided in Hai Lanzhu’s body, Yu’er saw Huang Taiji’s pain and felt sorry for him, and felt that she could do nothing to comfort him.

Aji was dissatisfied that the emperor Taiji was a concubine, and ran back to Shengjing after leaving behind an army of hundreds of thousands. He persuaded Dorgon to take this opportunity to rise up. Dorgon insisted that Huang Taiji handed over the fate of Qing Dynasty to himself, so he must not betray his trust. Duduo worried that Duoergun would be the head coach of the Battle of Songjin, and other banner owners would be dissatisfied.

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