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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 44 Recap

Dorgon came to Jingsi Palace alone, and Huang Taiji ordered Yuer to pour wine on the side. Runge took his guards and hung around in an ambush. Yu’er knew that if two men didn’t agree, they would meet each other, and the hands of pouring wine were shaking with tension. Huang Taiji first took out the letter about Dorgon’s conspiracy to rebel against his ancestor’s birthday. After reading the letter, Dorgon looked the same and sneered at this kind of divorce. Huang Taiji tore up the letter to show his trust.

Huang Taiji used the ancient story of his younger brother’s treason and his younger brother’s coveting the emperor’s wife to test Dorgon. Seeing that Huang Taiji had no sincerity, Dorgon expressed his desire to return to the palace and was persuaded by Yu’er. Seeing that the threat was useless, Huang Taiji realized that with brother brotherhood, he talked about his father’s wish to spur the Central Plains and dominate the world.

Huang Taiji asked Dorgon whether he was willing to let go of his personal grievances, to abandon the past for the Qing Dynasty, and to fight with him hand in hand with an open mind. Seeing that Huang Taiji was so frank, Dorgon replied that Dorgon’s choice was the choice of Myna. Seeing the conversation reached this point, Ronge was relieved by hiding behind the screen.

In order to defend the west of Liaoning in the Ming Dynasty, Hong Chengchou, the Eighth General Soldier, led all the elite troops of the Ming Dynasty to the Jinning Line of Defense. Huang Taiji and Dorgon understood that only their brothers could win this war. This will be a life-and-death battle for the Qing Dynasty. If the Jinning line of defense cannot be held, the foundation of the Qing Dynasty will no longer exist.

In 1640, the Ming and Qing armies launched a two-year battle of Songjin. Zu Dashou’s artillery was fierce, Hong Chengchou’s hundreds of thousands of reinforcements pushed in, and Dorgon Duoduo’s two white flags suffered heavy losses. Huang Taiji urged Jierhalang to guard Songshan and brought two yellow flags to rescue Dorgon’s two white flags. Hauge suggested that Huang Taiji use this opportunity to let the Ming army get rid of the two Dorgon brothers. Huang Taiji lamented Hauge’s short-sightedness. He didn’t know that this was the life-and-death battle of the Qing Dynasty. To save Dorgon was to save the Qing Dynasty.

Hong Chengchou knew that the Zhengbai Banner was the most elite unit of the Qing Dynasty, and Dorgon was known as the God of War of the Qing Dynasty. If Dorgon was eliminated first, the morale of the Qing Dynasty would be wiped out. Zhengbaiqi led by Dorgon fell into the encirclement of the Ming Dynasty army. Seeing that the situation is not good, he saw Huang Taiji personally lead Zhenghuangqi to rescue. Dorgon wanted to fight desperately, but Huang Taiji ordered to evacuate to keep the two white flags.

Hai Lanzhu came to see Yu’er regardless of the ban. She had always felt guilty for Yu’er and felt that she had taken the emperor away. The death of the eighth elder brother was so exhausting that the nineth elder brother and Yu’er could not meet each other. Seeing that Hai Lanzhu had been weak and sickly since the death of the eighth elder brother, Yuer asked Hai Lanzhu to relax and take good care of her body. Hai Lanzhu missed the eighth elder brother too much, and when he saw Eleven Elder Bogor, he also thought it was his own child. Na Mu Zhong ridicules Hai Lan Zhu, although the emperor loves her, but her son is short-lived. The palace lady Ling’er reminded Na Muzhong that what if the concubine Chen had another son, made her look forward to her.

The Ming Dynasty had an absolute advantage in numbers, and the artillery was powerful. Huang Taiji and Dorgon decided to change their strategy, use their strengths and avoid weaknesses, instead of fighting head-on with the Ming army, cutting off the Ming army’s food and grass, and waiting for work. Hong Chengchou was shocked to learn that Huang Taiji had burned his granary.

It is rumored in the palace that the concubine Chen will call the soul for the eighth elder brother at Guansui Palace every night. Na Mu Zhong took advantage of Liuli to get Hai Lan Zhu clothes, led Boguoer to lure Hai Lan Zhu to the lake, in a trance, Hai Lan Zhu was pushed into the water by Na Mu Zhong.

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