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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 43 Recap

Dorgon knew that Huang Taiji cut his title this time, and next time he would take away his white flag, and Huang Taiji was driving himself to a dead end. Hauge asked Huang Taiji why he didn’t take the opportunity to seize Dorgon’s white flag. Huang Tai Chi in Fengyi Pavilion has already seen Dorgon’s momentum. He has trained Zhengbai Qi into the strongest army in the Eight Banners in the past ten years. If he seizes the flag hard, the soldiers are afraid that they will be dissatisfied. Only by letting Dorgon rebel himself can he have an excuse to capture the flag. Huang Taiji ordered Hauge to keep an eye on the three Dorgon brothers and the son of Big Baylor.

Hai Lanzhu missed the eighth elder brother, but didn’t think about tea or rice. She begged Huang Taiji to give Jiu Age a name and ask the empress to take it back to the palace. Huang Taiji couldn’t stand Hailanzhu’s bitter pleading, and gave Jiu Age a blessing.

The palace lady Yun opened the gatekeeper’s father-in-law, and Zhezhe took Jiu Age to show to Yu’er who was locked in Jingsi Palace, but was hit by Huang Taiji. Huang Taiji has always angered Jiu Age and Yu’er for the grief of losing the eighth prince, and the constant love between Dorgon and Yuer also made him suspect that Jiu Age is not his own son. Zhe Zhe protected them everywhere, making Huang Taiji angry. He ordered the Jiu elder brother to be sent out of the palace so that Yu’er and her mother would not be able to see each other. And deposed Empress Zhezhe, and established Guan Sui Palace as the queen.

Empress Zhezhe has always been gentle and virtuous, loved by all the people, and courtiers all persuaded Huang Taiji not to make this decision. Hai Lanzhu also couldn’t kneel down, unwilling to accept the title of queen. She begged Huang Taiji not to put herself on the cusp, and let the world scold her, accuse herself of arbitrariness, and compete for the position of queen. She just wants to live simply. Huang Taiji thought that making Hailanzhu a queen would compensate her for losing her eighth elder brother, but he did not expect that the pure-hearted Hailanzhu had no intention of this.

Dorgon learned that Brother Jiu had been expelled from the palace, worried that Yu’er would have another accident. He Qiao Zhuang entered the Jingsi Palace and saw that Yu’er was so haggard by Huang Taiji, Dorgon’s heart was cut like a knife. He and Yu’er endured everything, and in the end Yu’er would die of illness or old age in the cold palace, and Amin and Mang Gurtai would be their own end.

Driven to a dead end, unbearable. The two white flags of Dorgon and Duoduo, together with the inlaid red flags, agreed that on the night of the full moon, the three flags would join the Fengyiting uprising in the western suburbs. Huang Taiji probed their movements, deployed the troops, and prepared to take down Dorgon and others when they went to court the next day. Dorgon suspected that Huang Taiji was aware of it, and decided to move ahead of time that night.

The situation is tense and raging. At this time, Huang Taiji received the frontline emergency military report, and Hong Chengchou led the Ming Dynasty’s hundreds of thousands of troops to Xiaolinghe. If the Qing Dynasty is fighting at this time, the Ming Dynasty will take advantage of the void and the foundation of the Qing Dynasty will not be guaranteed. After thinking about it again and again, Huang Taiji decided to focus on the overall situation, and he went to Jingsi Palace to talk.

Duduo tried his best to discourage Duoergun from going to this Hongmen banquet alone, and Duoergun was afraid that if he did not go, Yuer would be in danger. Huang Taiji deliberately entertained him in Jingsi Palace, just to threaten himself with Yu’er. If Yu’er is not in this world, what is the use of wanting this world. Dorgon told Dudor that if he did not come back before midnight, everyone would stand still and never go to Fengyi Pavilion.

Yu’er was uneasy and didn’t know what was waiting for them tonight.

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