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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 42 Recap

Yuer listened to the little eunuch’s discussion in the palace. The eighth elder brother of Guansui Palace was dead. The emperor believed that the nine elders died of him and wanted to take him to bury him. Yu’er hurriedly got up to Qingning Palace, and Huang Taiji was about to execute Jiu’s nanny Xiugu. Huang Taiji insisted that Ba Ge was ill after drinking the milk of his nurse. He ordered the quarantine of Elder Brother Jiu, but Yuer begged for mercy and was beaten back to Lenggong by Huang Taiji.

Eighth brother died before he even named her, Hai Lanzhu cried day and night sadly. Hai Lanzhu blamed Huang Taiji. When the eighth prince was born, he refused to persuade him to execute the maid of Na Muzhong, Aya, now she must have become a ghost to demand his life from the eighth prince. Huang Taiji rewarded Ba Age as the crown prince.

Hauge wanted to get rid of Dorgon. He brought the minister to Huang Taiji to play Dorgon’s memorial, saying that Dorgon had conspired with Zu Dashou, so he retreated thirty miles. Longge told Yuer Huang Taiji’s suspicion of Dorgon, he might take the opportunity to punish Dorgon who returned to court. Da Yu’er thinks that this kind of relationship is only head-to-head. After years of training, Dorgon and Duoduo’s Zhengbaiqi and Xiangbaiqi have become the most elite army in the Qing Dynasty. It’s time for Huang Taiji to see Dorgon’s strength. . Huang Taiji aspires to be in the Central Plains, and he still needs to use Dorgon to fight for him. He should weigh the pros and cons, and he won’t lose too much.

Dorgon, Prince Rui, led his troops back to Fengyi Pavilion in the western suburbs of Shengjing. I saw that Dorgon’s Zhengbaiqi army was dressed up and morale was high. Dorgon was wearing armor, saw Huang Taiji not kneeling down, and showed how Emperor Hanwen trusted Zhou Yafu to imply that Huang Taiji should trust him. Huang Taiji passed the decree and asked Zhengbaiqi soldiers to stand by for ten miles, but the soldiers did not obey. Dorgon explained that the army only hears the orders of the generals, not the edicts of the emperor. His righteous white flag only listens to him.

Dorgon’s majesty in Fengyi Pavilion made Huang Taiji angrily. Zhezhe came over and asked if Huang Taiji could lift Jiu’s quarantine and hold a birthday party. At this time, Huang Taiji had a deep resentment towards Yu’er mother and son, and he became angry when he heard the name of the eighth brother. Huang Taiji blamed Zhezhe, is it because Qingning Palace is tired of living in it and wants to change her place.

Zhe Zhe didn’t expect Huang Taiji to say such a thing. She told Yu’er that the emperor had changed, and now he despised himself. He probably wanted Hai Lanzhu to be the queen. Yu’er knew Hailanzhu and knew that even if the emperor had the heart, Hailanzhu would not agree. As for the current Huang Taiji’s eagerness to kill, only Fan Wencheng can persuade him.

Fan Wencheng advised Huang Taiji not to kill Dorgon, he could fight for the Qing Dynasty. If you kill Dorgon now, it will be the same as Chongzhen killed Yuan Chonghuan, only let the relatives hate, and the enemies will be happy. In short, it is more advantageous not to kill Dorgon than to kill him. Huang Taiji only has the grace and power to deal with Dorgon.

Dorgon suffered a leg injury and failed to go to court the next day. Huang Taiji announced that Dorgon had violated the military order, removed him from attacking the governor of Jinzhou, and cut off the title of Prince Rui.

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