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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 41 Recap

Eighth elder brother fell ill and had a high fever, and the imperial doctor said that he had acne. Hai Lanzhu kept crying when he saw that Ba Ge’s situation had not improved. Huang Taiji was also anxious, so that the emperor would cure Ba Ge at all costs. Hai Lanzhu told Huang Taiji that he had dreamed of Ouwuge. He knew what happened to Yu’er, blamed himself, and burned his anger on Ba Ge. Hai Lanzhu asked Huang Taiji to let Yu’er return to Yongfu Palace, but the Eighth Brother Huang Taiji had to agree.

When Yuer returned to Yongfu Palace, Zhezhe took Jiu Age to see Yuer. Eji still didn’t believe in Hailanzhu, and felt that she only asked Yu’er to return to Yongfu Palace to pray for the eighth elder brother. If the eighth elder brother doesn’t get well, Yuer has to fight back to Lenggong.

Huang Taiji had a nightmare and dreamed of Amin and Mang Gurtai. They not only cursed Ba Age, but also predicted that Huang Taiji would die in the hands of a child. Huang Taiji hurried to see Fan Wencheng all night. Huang Taiji suspected that the child Mangguertai said in the dream was Brother Jiu. For the sake of Concubine Zhuang Da Yu’er, Fan Wencheng led Huang Taiji to say that the child may not be in the palace. Amin has a grandson who is nine years old this year, and he may be talking about this child. Huang Taiji would rather kill by mistake, but also to keep the eighth brother safe and safe. Fan Wencheng reported that Amin’s grandson had been removed. Seeing that the eighth elder brother had improved, Huang Taiji felt that Fan Wencheng’s words were extremely true.

Before leaving for Jinzhou, Dorgon told him to learn to be patient and protect himself. Zu Dashou received a letter from Huang Taiji to persuade him to surrender, and was unmoved. Although his son Zukefa is in the hands of Huang Taiji, Zu Dashou is still determined to defend the Jinzhou line of defense, in order to repay Chongzhen’s kindness for ignoring the crime of trespassing by the greater Linghe, and fight to the end.

Jinzhou City was defended by Zu Dashou as invincible, and he was the officer of Guan Ning’s army, and Yuan Zonghuan was a soldier trained by Yuan Zonghuan. He was brave and invincible. Dorgon attacked the city for many days, but failed to win Jinzhou City. Dodo please fight. Huang Taiji wanted to recruit the ancestor’s birthday, for my use. Determined to imitate the battle of Dalinghe and die in Jinzhou on the periphery, consuming the strength of the Ming Dynasty.

Shengjing was too far away from Jinzhou, and Dorgon was besieged for half a year, and food was tight. In order to be compassionate to the soldiers, he was determined to retreat to thirty li, farm the fields and preserve his strength. The emperor received the letter that Dorgon violated the military order and retreated thirty miles, furious, thinking that Dorgon was deliberately opposing himself. Jierhalang was ordered to change defense in Jinzhou, and he wanted to confront Dorgon face to face.

Na Muzhong of Linzhi Palace was about to give birth, so Hai Lanzhu advised Huang Taiji to take a look. Huang Taiji met Da Yuer in the palace, and Da Yuer was still facing each other, which made Huang Taiji very annoyed. Na Muzhong gave birth to eleven elder brothers for Huang Taiji, and Huang Taiji bestowed the name Boguoer. Starting from Ba Ge, Huang Tai Chi has won four princes in one year.

Eighth elder brother has been well for a few days, but for some reason, the old disease relapsed and died. Seeing Hai Lanzhu was heartbroken, Huang Taiji was also sad. He asked the maid to ask who had been to Guansui Palace recently, and the maid replied that the queen had brought Jiu elder brother to him. At that time, the nanny of Jiu elder brother had fed some milk to Ba elder brother. Hearing this, Huang Taiji attributed the death of Ba Ge to Jiu Ge.

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