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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 40 Recap

No matter how Man Yu pleaded or even forced him to die to ask Huang Taiji to withdraw the imperial decree, he did not change his original intention. He also imprisoned Duoduo who had come to persuade him to block the imperial decree in order to threaten him. Ergun. Zhezhe asked Huang Taiji why he wanted to separate a couple who were in love. Marrying Man Yu to Dorgon or Duo is the same in terms of generation and ethics. They are also Man Yu’s uncle.

Huang Taiji sneered and said that Dorgon was indispensable in the great cause of Da Qing, so that Man Yu could marry him to monitor his every move, so that he could be used and controlled. Huang Taiji also said that he wanted Dorgon to taste what it was like to marry his younger brother’s beloved woman. Does he think that I will feel good when I marry his woman? Zhe Zhe looked at Huang Taiji, wondering how he became so cruel and ruthless.

Yu’er always puts the overall situation at the forefront. She was afraid that Huang Taiji would make Dorgon anxious by doing so, and would do something to split the Qing Dynasty. When two tigers fight, there must be one injury. Since Huang Taiji refused to make concessions, only Dorgon and Manyu made concessions. She wrote a letter overnight and asked Zhezhe to send someone to Dorgon. In Yuer’s letter, she said to Dorgon that she had tolerated it for him and Horqin. Now Dorgon’s tolerance is for the world and the people, and she hopes that Dorgon will listen to her.

On the wedding night of Dorgon and Manyu, Duoduo was very drunk. Dorgon distracted the maid and let Manyu and Duduo complain to each other. Dorgon thought that Duoduo and Manyu were suffering the pain and humiliation that he and Da Yuer endured back then, and his heart was cut. Duduo was desperate for Manyu to marry his brother, and he didn’t want to be sorry for his brother and rushed out of the new house.

In the morning, the maid came to bring tea to Man Yu, and she opened the door and found that Man Yu committed suicide. Man Yu wrote in his suicide note that only in this way can he protect his love without hurting the friendship between the two Duoduo brothers. I love too much with the strength of my life, and I don’t regret it.

Duduo cried bitterly in front of Man Yuling, and Man Yu always wanted everything for himself. Although you are the prince of Yu, you can’t do what you want to do and marry your beloved. Duoduo hates yourself for uselessness. Huang Taiji didn’t expect that Man Yu would be so fierce and would have such an ending, and he regretted his decision.

Huang Taiji calmed down his grief and said to Dorgon. I originally wanted to reward him again and show my sincerity by marrying his beloved daughter, but it is a pity that Man Yu is ignorant. Now it is the time when the Qing Dynasty is competing in the Central Plains and dominating the world. Huang Taiji ordered Dorgon to lead his troops to go south, starting with the attack on Mianzhou, the most difficult wolf tooth of the Ming Dynasty.

The ancestor of the Jinzhou General Soldier had a longevity. Although he was ungrateful, how could he achieve hegemony and rule the world if he had no mind as an emperor. In Huang Taiji’s words, there is something to say to Dorgon that being an emperor has to know a lot of things, and he can only treat people of value with both kindness and power, because there are no eternal enemies or eternal friends.

Dayu’er misses Jiu elder brother day and night, and even dreams of her own son.

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