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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 39 Recap

Da Yu’er thought that Jiu elder brother would be taken away when she was born. She couldn’t be a mother upright, and her heart was cut. Su Mo’er persuaded her that for the sake of Brother Jiu, she should also live well. Hauge slandered in front of Huang Taiji, and Ezhe was still alive, but became a waste. Dorgon often visits him. If they join forces to deal with Huang Taiji, it will be dangerous. It is better to kill Ezhe. Huang Taiji did not respond.

Dorgon came to see Ezhe. Ezhe thanked Dorgon for calling the imperial physician to save himself. Thinking back to what he had done, Da Yuer was most sorry. Dorgon felt that at the last moment, Ezhe used death to prove Da Yuer’s innocence. He was a man. They should focus on the overall situation, for the sake of the Qing Dynasty, for the last wish of Nurhachi, before the Qing Dynasty dominates the world, abandon personal grievances, and help Huang Taiji with all their hearts. Dorgon encouraged Ezhe to return to the battlefield and gallop the world.

Haug ridiculed Ezhe, the former Mongolian first warrior, now that he has lost his martial arts, he has to be supported even when he walks, which is a waste. Ezhe couldn’t stand his current scumbag and wanted to die, but also felt sorry for Dorgon’s sincerity and the dead Eji and sister. Hauge reported to Huang Taiji that Ezhe had no power to bind the chicken, and he kept coughing. Huang Taiji was relieved instead. Although Ezhe became like this, Gu Lun still had a deep affection for him. Not only did he never leave him, but also wanted to ask the emperor for instructions to take care of him.

Huang Taiji was very proud of the eighth elder brother. Announcing an amnesty for the world, allowing all people to share the joy of getting a child with him, and adding a water table. Hai Lanzhu took the opportunity to ask Huang Taiji to forgive Dayu’er, but Huang Taiji said that there was no room for negotiation about Dayu’er, and it was not time to forgive her. Yu’er’s Eji has always had a prejudice against Hailanzhu, thinking that she was too mean to Hailanzhu before, and she made Yu’er like this in order to avenge herself.

Hauge regarded Dorgon as staring in his eyes, and he reported to Huang Taiji. Wu Gonggong of Jingsi Palace said that the night that the concubine gave birth to the eighth prince, Concubine Zhuang also gave birth, and there was only one midwife in the palace. Ergun brought someone to deliver the baby for Concubine Zhuang. Although Huang Taiji knew it well, in order not to make matters worse and deepen the contradiction with Dorgon, he berated Hauge to keep this mouth under control and not to talk nonsense.

When Huang Taiji came to Qingning Palace, Jiu elder brother was always crying without his mother by his side. After hearing what Hauge said, Huang Taiji was initially upset, and became even more annoyed by the cries. Zhezhe couldn’t bear the attitude of Huang Taiji’s favoritism, and told him that Qingning Palace is indispensable for the cry of Jiu Age. If it is annoying, please ask him to go to Guan Sui Palace. Huang Taiji went to Hailanzhu to ask for comfort, but he didn’t understand why Hailanzhu could forget the past and love himself with all his heart, but Yuer couldn’t. How affectionate Dorgon was for Yuer, Da Yuer could not forget him. He thought of a way to counterbalance Dorgon.

Man Yu admires Qiqige’s desperate determination for love. She wants to plead with Huang Ama and marry Duoduo even at the risk of the world. Huang Taiji suddenly announced that Man Yu would marry Dorgon.

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