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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 38 Recap

Wu Keshan and Eji went to Lenggong to visit Yu’er. Seeing that she was pregnant and receiving such a cold reception, she felt sad for Yu’er. After learning about the tiger headrest, Eji, who had always looked down on Hai Lanzhu, wondered if Na Muzhong and Hai Lanzhu had conspired to frame Yu’er. Eji also told Yu’er that the people of Horqin were spreading that Hailanzhu played tricks to fascinate the emperor, and stepped on Yu’er to get the emperor’s favor.

Yu’er hurriedly stopped Eji. She and Hai Lanzhu were both Horqin’s women. No matter who received the favor, the two were the same. Now that Hailanzhu is good, Horqin will be better. As long as the prince is born, the desire of the Horqin people can be realized, and the descendants of Aisinjue Luo’s blood will flow through the Horqin people.

Wu Keshan paid homage to Huang Taiji and asked her to release Yu’er. Dayuer has always had a good reputation in Horqin. If news of her abandoned concubine reaches Horqin, she is afraid that Horqin people will resent Huang Taiji and affect the full friendship. Huang Taiji ignored Wu Keshan’s threats and did not agree to his request. Yu’er’s Eji blamed Huang Taiji for being ruthless and shouldn’t marry Yu’er to him. She asked Wu Keshan to go back first and stay by herself to take care of Yu’er for delivery.

Chen Fei Hailanzhu was one month away from the expected delivery date, but she had stomach pain and was about to give birth prematurely. Huang Taiji was very nervous about Hailanzhu, and ordered the eunuch to call the midwife to Guansui Palace to wait. Yu’er was also about to give birth. Su Mo’er asked the gatekeeper to find the only midwife in the palace, but learned that she had been called to the palace.

Seeing Yu’er in pain, thinking that Dorgon once said that no matter what Yuer had to do, he could find him. Su Moer gave up, went out of the palace under the name of the queen, and found Dorgon. Dorgon pretended to be an eunuch and brought the midwife to Jingsi Palace. Outside the door, Dorgon was fidgeting, he knelt down and asked the gods to protect Yu’er mother and son.

Huang Taiji also waited anxiously in Guan Sui Palace. Until Liuli came to report, the concubine Chen gave birth to an eighth elder brother, and the mother and son were safe. Huang Taiji couldn’t help himself, holding the baby in his arms and put it down. Huang Taiji happily said to Hai Lanzhu, you have done meritorious service, breaking the custom that Horqin women cannot give birth to boys, and gave birth to a prince who is in the same order as ours. At this time, Su Mo’er also heard news that Da Yu’er gave birth to an eighth elder brother. Huang Taiji said displeasedly that the eighth elder brother I was holding in my hand and the nineth elder brother Yuer. Su Mo’er was full of grievances.

Listening to Su Mo’er, when Jiu Age was born, the house was full of red light and smelled of fragrance. Zhezhe knew that this was a symbol of great wealth and dignity, and hurriedly asked Huang Taiji for his order to visit Yu’er. Zhezhe asked who had delivered the baby to Yu’er, and Su Mo’er expressed her love. Last night, she went out of the palace to look for Dorgon under the banner of the queen. Zhezhe knew how he should talk to Huang Taiji.

According to the rules of the harem, no prince can be raised in the cold palace. As soon as Yu’er’s Jiu elder brother was born, Huang Taiji asked Delu Gong to pass the decree and handed the Jiu elder brother to Xinzheku to raise him. Zhezhe will have to discuss with Huang Taiji no matter what. She resolutely said that since Lenggong cannot raise the prince, then I will raise it. Huang Taiji had to agree. Yu’er knew that Huang Taiji was so cruel to her to make her take the initiative to bow her head to beg him for mercy, but Yu’er didn’t intend to do so.

Dorgon heard that Ezhe was awake and came to visit him. Ezhe was frustrated when he learned that his mother and sister had committed suicide. Knowing that Dorgon released the Chahar tribe, I feel a little comforted. He felt that he was sorry for Da Yuer and his people, and Dorgon asked him to let go and not blame himself.

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