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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 37 Recap

Na Muzhong heard that Da Yu’er was transferred from the Garment Bureau to the Jingsi Palace by the emperor, and thought that it was hard to beat Yu’er down so that she would not be able to make a comeback. Yu’er and Su Mo’er were cleaning the spider webs in Jingsi Palace. Na Muzhong came to ridicule Yu’er and gave her a bowl of soup. Su Mo’er knew that Na Muzhong had no good intentions, so she grabbed the soup and drank it by herself.

Seeing that the conspiracy failed, Na Muzhong angered Su Mo’er and ordered the little eunuch to slap Su Mo’er with a whip. Yu’er hated that she could not protect Su Mo’er. Su Mo’er knew that Na Mu Zhong was afraid that Yu’er would give birth to an elder brother and her child would snatch the position of the prince, and wanted to kill Yu’er’s child. She comforted Yu’er and felt it herself. It’s worth the pain.

Huang Taiji came to visit Hailanzhu again, and now he felt that gentle Hailanzhu was his only spiritual sustenance. In order to express his love for her, Huang Taiji ordered Hai Lanzhu to be changed from a concubine to a concubine, and the palace where she lived was changed to Guan Sui Palace. Let people in the world know how they feel about her.

Hai Lanzhu was so favored by Huang Taiji and she was pregnant. Na Muzhong felt that Da Yuer was not worried now. Hai Lanzhu became her biggest threat. Hai Lanzhu kept the child in her belly for a day without getting rid of her. Can’t rest assured. Na Muzhong came up with another poisonous trick. She asked the maid Aya to make a pair of tiger headrests and sent them to Hailanzhu Daoxi at Guansui Palace.

Hai Lanzhu felt that she was used to sleeping with the chrysanthemum pillow and the tiger head pillow was not available, so she asked her maid Liuli to give the tiger head pillow and tonic to Yu’er.

Since Yuer used the tiger headrest, she was restless and often had nightmares. She dreamed that Dorgon was almost killed when she encountered Lengjian on the battlefield. Yu’er was awakened and found bleeding under her body. The queen took Longge to find an imperial doctor to give Yu’er pulse. The imperial doctor said that it might be related to diet or aroma. Whether the child can keep it depends on the adult’s physique. Longge smelled the scent in the pillow of the tiger’s head, and the imperial doctor opened it and found that there was a miscarriage musk in it. Everyone didn’t understand why Hai Lanzhu did this.

Empress Zhezhe approached Huang Taiji to explain the matter. Huang Taiji did not believe that the kind Hai Lanzhu would harm his sister. Huang Taiji asked Hailanzhu to find out what happened, only to learn that the pair of tiger headrests were given to Hailanzhu by Na Muzhong. The emperor was so angry that Na Muzhong dared to attack his beloved concubine and harm the unborn prince. Hai Lanzhu caused Yu’er guilt for herself.

Huang Taiji sighed and said, “Yu’er was killed for you.” Huang Taiji asked Master Namu Zhongxing about the crime. Aya said that she bought it outside and didn’t know what was inside. Huang Taiji wanted to kill Na Mu Zhong in a rage, thinking that her father Khan was the Mongolian king Aba Gai, who had the power to unify Mongolia, so he had to execute Aya and Rao Na Mu Zhong did not die.

Wu Keshan and Yu’er’s Eji came to Shengjing to visit Yu’er. Zhezhe was afraid that Wu Keshan would be dissatisfied with Huang Taiji when he knew that his sister had been beaten into the cold palace, and planned to keep it secret. Wu Keshan met Su Mo’er in the palace and learned about Yu’er’s experience.

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