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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 36 Recap

Qiqige stopped Sutai, asking her for the sake of the Chahar tribe, not because of Ezhe’s mistake to catch up with the fate of the entire Chahar tribe. Sutai felt that he didn’t keep Chahar’s only kingline, and I’m sorry for Lin Danhan. Ming Dynasty Jinzhou defender general Zu Dashou learned of the contradiction between Chahar and Daqing, and sent a letter to Sutai, asking her to take troops to Jinzhou, he would contact other Mongolian tribes, still respecting Chahar, together Overthrow the Qing Dynasty.

After Tan Malay News, Su Tai retreated to the southwest. Aji’e thought that Sutai was afraid of the Qing’s forces to escape back to Chahar, but Dorgon analyzed that Sutai was not going northwest, but retreating to the southwest. It must go to Jinzhou to join Zu Dashou. If Sutai voted for the Ming Dynasty, there must be a Mongolian tribe who rebelled. If Mongolia splits, the Qing Dynasty will be in jeopardy. Dorgon found the local guide and took a shortcut to surround the Sutai tribe. Seeing that he was outnumbered, Su Tai was unwilling to surrender to Huang Taiji and committed suicide. Qiqige asked Dorgon to release her people and follow her mother. .

Hauge said before Huang Taiji, Dorgon not only blatantly resisted the emperor’s order, but also claimed to let Chahar’s rebels go home. Huang Taiji thought that Dorgon handled it well and prevented the division of Mongolia. Now that Sutai is dead, the matter ends here. And Dudor’s integrity is commendable, and Qiqige’s death can be regarded as a punishment for him. Thinking of what Dorgon said to him, Huang Taiji didn’t know how to treat Dorgon.

Hai Lanzhu pleaded with Huang Taiji for Yu’er. She didn’t believe that her sister Da Yu’er had a relationship with Ezhe. She didn’t agree to the last time Ezhe forced her to get married in the grassland. Huang Taiji was moved by Hailanzhu’s kindness. Yu’er’s heart is on others, and Huang Taiji feels that only Hai Lanzhu is the one who loves him wholeheartedly and will not betray him.

Na Muzhong is pregnant. She knows that Da Yu’er is also pregnant, and she instructs the father-in-law in the dressing room to torture Da Yu’er deliberately. Dorgon was worried about Da Yuer, disguised as a eunuch to see Yuer. Seeing his father-in-law bullying Yu’er, Dorgon kicked his father-in-law over and warned him not to mess with Yu’er again.

The imperial physician took the pulse of the concubine Hai Lanzhu and found that she was happy. Huang Taiji was very happy. Zhezhe also came to tell Huang Taiji that Yu’er was pregnant. Huang Taiji sneered and said that he didn’t know whose child was in his stomach. Zhezhe knelt down and swears that the child in Yuer’s belly must be the emperor’s flesh and blood. Huang Taiji had to order Yu’er to be transferred out of the clothing bureau and locked into the Jingsi Palace.

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