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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 35 Recap

Hauge felt that the emperor’s father asked the emperor to rescue E Zhe because he was afraid of trouble. E Zhe should kill him when he did such an insulting thing to the emperor. Together with the concubine Zhuang Da Yuer, the court said that Concubine Zhuang was a confidant. Huang Taiji knew that Ezhe could not die, otherwise the Chahar tribe would make trouble. Haug told his father that during the conquest of Chahar, He Luohui clearly saw Dorgon wearing a yellow robe and drinking with Azie and Duoduo. Why did it change as soon as he arrived in Shengjing? Someone must give it to him. He confided in the news that only Xiao Yuer had been there that day, and she was most suspicious.

Xiao Yuer has been flustered since he killed Da Yuer that day. It happened that the emperor ordered Xuan Xiaoyu’er to enter the palace. She thought it was about the Chongyang Banquet, but did not expect Huang Taiji to ask why she went to the Dorgon Barracks last time. Huang Taiji asked how she knew that Dorgon had taken prisoners of war family members. Dorgon used to bring prisoners of war family members when he returned from victory. Why didn’t she make trouble before.

Xiao Yu’er was speechless when asked a word, so she had to tell the truth. It was Da Yuer who asked her to send a letter to Dorgon that day, but she didn’t know what the letter was. Huang Taiji understood that he had been deceiving himself and others all the time, but Yuer had been thinking of Dorgon in her heart, and had not forgotten him. Huang Taiji was very angry, and ordered to expel all the titles of Da Yuer, demoted him to a common man, and sent him to the Huanyi Bureau.

Dorgon returned from a battle in the south, and he gritted his teeth with anger when he learned that Da Yuer’s experience was related to Xiao Yuer. He promised Longge that he would save Yu’er even if he tried his life. Duduo persuaded Dorgon to calm down. The three brothers finally got their status today. Don’t ruin all the efforts of the past ten years because of impulse. Dorgon didn’t care, everything he had was for Yu’er, and if she had something to do, it would be useless to ask for these fame and fortune.

Xiao Yuer knew that she had committed a crime. She put away her former coquettishness and whispered to Dorgon that she didn’t know that Ezhe was stunned by Da Yuer and told Huang Taiji that they were really adulterous. Dorgon hated Huang Taiji for being so unfeeling towards Yu’er, and said angrily that if he didn’t cherish it, he would let Yu’er come back to him.

Originally Duo Duo came back this time to marry Su Mo’er as a facilitator. Seeing that Da Yu’er was in such a disaster, Su Mo’er decided not to marry. She wanted to stay by Yu’er for the rest of her life. She asked Zhezhe to send her to the clothing bureau to take care of Yu’er.

Dorgon couldn’t bear it, so he directly asked Huang Taiji why he treated Da Yu’er like this. I learned that Huang Taiji hated the last time Yuer sent him a letter. Dorgon dared to say that Da Yuer sent him a letter, just because he was afraid that he would split the Qing Dynasty and ruin the foundation that his father had worked so hard to lay down. If he really wanted to betray Huang Tai Chi, Huang Tai Chi was not an opponent at all with the previous force. In the end, Dorgon left a word, as long as you don’t harm me, I will never betray the emperor. Yuer and I are both people who can help you rule the world and enter the Central Plains. Huang Taiji thought for a long time.

Yuer was washing clothes at the coat bureau and found out that she was pregnant. The queen came to see Yu’er and said that the child came at the right time. If she gave birth to an elder brother, she could return to Yongfu Palace. Yuer learned that Dorgon had a big quarrel with the emperor for her, and asked Zhezhe to persuade Dorgon to stop being impulsive.

Ezhe remained fainted, and Empress Sutai led Chahar’s tribe to rebel in the western suburbs to protest against Huang Taiji’s failure to keep his promise and forced Ezhe to death. Huang Taiji asked Duoduo to lead his troops to annihilate. Sutai was Duduo’s mother-in-law, and he didn’t want to do such a thing. Huang Taiji imprisoned Duoduo in prison for the crime of resisting the decree. He sent Aji’s troops again, but Aji had to reluctantly agree. Dorgon knew that all of Huang Taiji was directed at him. If Sutai were to be killed, the three brothers would become enemies of Mongolia. Dorgon was afraid that Aji would act recklessly, so he hurried to catch up with Aji.

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