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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 34 Recap

Xiao Yuer has always hated Da Yuer for occupying Dorgon’s heart, and Na Muzhong also has a grudge against Huang Taiji’s favoring Da Yuer. The two reached an agreement and it hit it off. Xiao Yu’er told Namu Zhong’ezhe about the matter and asked her to start with it. Last time, Na Muzhong tried to frame Hai Lanzhu for stealing chickens, but Aya was beaten up for half a month. She has to proceed with caution this time. Na Muzhong knew that Da Yu’er had only Dorgon in her heart, and she didn’t like Ezhe. It must be Ezhe’s wishful thinking. She wants to design so that the emperor will catch this incident by himself.

The amorous Duoduo married the smart and pungent Qiqige. Tana wanted to trouble Qiqige, but she was subdued by her.

Zhe Zhe held a flower viewing party in the backyard, and the concubines of Huang Taiji gathered in the back hall. Concubine Zhuang Yuer was afraid of meeting Ezhe when she went out, so she had to say that the illness did not come. Na Mu Jong knew what was going on, and there was something to say in front of Zhezhe. Long Ge knew E Zhe’s mind, and warned E Zhe not to act rashly and harass Concubine Zhuang, or don’t blame him for being rude, cut first and play later.

The next day, Huang Taiji learned Han etiquette and held a Chongyang banquet, and all the princes Fujin came to appreciate the chrysanthemum. Na Mu Zhong designed everything and only waited for Zhe to go on the hook. Na Muzhong first took out the finest silk and gave it to Gu Lun, asking her to make a beautiful set of Hanfu, and told her that when the time comes, Ezhe will love you. On the day of the Double Ninth Festival, Xiao Yuer urged Gu Lun to take Da Yuer to Zhezhe’s Yongning Palace to change into Hanfu.

At the same time, Na Muzhong quietly reminded Ezhe that Da Yuer is now alone in Yongning Palace. The daring Ezhe didn’t care about anything, secretly guarding at the gate of the palace, and when Gulun left, he took out the drugged towel and stunned Yu’er. Ezhe, who has been coveting Yu’er for a long time, puts Yu’er on the bed, ready to do something ugly. At this time, Xiao Yuer had already reported to Huang Taiji, and Da Yuer was here to appreciate the chrysanthemum, and Ezhe was having an affair. Huang Taiji hurried over, and saw that E Zheyu was unruly with Da Yuer. Huang Taiji, who was so angry, ordered them to take both of them.

Su Tai knelt down in the court and asked Huang Taiji to show favor, don’t kill Ezhe, and keep Chahar’s only royal vein. Huang Taiji did not make a statement.

In order not to involve Yu’er, Erzhe, who was in prison, took the initiative to confess that he was stunned by Da Yu’er and had nothing to do with her. Due to the unity of the remnants of Chahar and the Mongolian tribes, Huang Taiji knew that he could not kill Ezhe. On the contrary, Ezhe laughed at Huang Taiji, who still couldn’t be the emperor, and insulted his woman, so he didn’t dare to kill himself. Huang Taiji gritted his teeth and said, not killing him does not mean letting him go. Huang Taiji prepared to exile Ezhe to Sakhalin, so that he could never step into Shengjing forever. Ezhe finally unfastened the chain and stabbed himself with a knife. He wanted to die in exchange for Huang Taiji’s forgiveness to Da Yuer.

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