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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 33 Recap

For the first expedition to the Ming Dynasty since the founding of the Qing Dynasty, Dorgon returned victoriously with his troops. This time, Dorgon not only killed Wu Aheng, the governor of Ming Ji Liao, but also ordered Lu Xiangsheng, the Shangshu of the Ministry of War, to slay the Ming dynasty. Since then, Huang Taiji has relied more heavily on Dorgon.

Dorgon won a big victory, Huang Taiji and Longyan rejoiced, and after a few months, his anger disappeared, and he came to Yongfu Palace for dinner again. Yu’er is usually kind, and the father-in-law who preached the decree is also happy for Da Yu’er. Huang Taiji praised Dorgon for his bravery and invincibility in front of Yu’er, and he took down 60 cities in one breath and slayed the spirit of the Ming Dynasty.

Excited, Huang Taiji apologized to Yu’er. He felt that his heartache was because he felt that he had the world, but he couldn’t fully own his own woman’s heart. He hates Yu’er and never fights for favor. If Yu’er doesn’t care about anything, it means that she doesn’t have herself in her heart. Yuer was busy comforting Huang Taiji with words.

Dorgon returned to Baylor’s Mansion and found that Xiao Yuer had not only lost the Kongming Lantern Da Yuer gave him, but also found out his treasured portrait of Da Yuer. Xiao Yuer said that she could not bear it, because no matter what she did, she couldn’t walk into Dorgon’s heart. Anxiously, Xiao Yuer tore up the portrait of Da Yuer. Dorgon was so angry that he slapped Xiao Yu’er in the face. Dorgon was drinking boring wine in the rain again, and Xiao Yuer felt bitter and hated seeing Dorgon’s sad look.

Huang Taiji chose some memorials and went to Yongfu Palace to ask Yu’er to review them for him, and rest by himself. When Hai Lanzhu saw Father Fu Lu took some memorials from Yu’er, and asked why, he knew that the emperor often asked Yuer to approve memorials.

Hai Lanzhu, who has always been conservative and traditional, hurried to persuade Yu’er Harem not to take part in politics and not to do such a bold thing. Su Mo’er was robbed for a while, saying that she had stolen the East Palace, and she was still making irresponsible remarks here. Hai Lanzhu was originally lonely in the palace, but this time he felt even more uncomfortable to be accused and had to leave silently.

Seeing that Hai Lanzhu’s face was not good, Longge sent her back to the palace, and was seen by Na Muzhong who was afraid that the world would not be in disorder. She told the maid Aya that if the concubine and the guard had an affair, it would be a big deal. She wants to make Horqin’s women all embarrassed and defeats the East Palace, and Da Yuer will also be affected. Su Mo’er told Yu’er that Aya was always wandering in the East Palace recently. Yu’er knew that Na Muzhong had no good intentions and should stare at Shanghai Lanzhu and Longge. She asked Su Moer to remind Longge to be careful.

The emperor came to Namuzhong for the night, and Aya saw Longge walk into the East Palace, and saw two figures hugging each other, and immediately returned to report. Huang Taiji came to the East Palace half-believingly, and found that Longge had killed a snake. It turned out that he was passing by the East Palace at night, and heard Hailanzhu’s screaming, and he hurried in to protect the driver. Na Mu Zhong was wronged and fooled. Huang Taiji punished Aya who was telling the truth.

Ever since becoming the e-fu and being able to enter the palace freely, E Zhe has become more daring. He broke into Yu’er’s room and hugged her and prepared to be rude to her. Fortunately, Su Moer came in time and beat E Zhe away. Xiao Yu’er passed by Yongfu Palace and saw Ezhe come out from inside disheveled, suspecting that he and Yu’er had an affair.

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