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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 32 Recap

Huang Taiji wandered outside Yongfu Palace, wondering why he couldn’t conquer Yu’er’s heart after ten years. Hai Lanzhu learned Chinese characters from a Chinese teacher and saw that Hai Lanzhu was reading “The Book of Songs”. Huang Taiji liked it very much.

Man Yu still had a deep love for Duduo. Huang Taiji pointed out that she had married several times, but she gave it an excuse to turn it off. Man Yuyue Duoduo went to the street to play, and the street was very lively. It turned out that after Dorgon and Duoduo surrendered to Chahar, they brought tens of thousands of family members and families, all living in Shengjing, which naturally became lively. Duduo ran into a pungent Mongolian Gege on the street. She fell in love with Duo at a glance. She turned out to be the four Geqiqige of Chahar. Qiqige blamed Duoduo to conquer Chahar, but Man Yu retorted her, if it weren’t for Duo Duo, Qiqige was still running away in the Gobi, how could there be a peaceful life now.

Fan Wencheng asked Huang Taiji to report to him. He believed that although the Chahar tribe of Mongolia had moved to Shengjing on a large scale, they were still living away from home. He suggested that the Qing Dynasty and Chahar marry together, which not only allows them to feel at ease and integrate with Mongolia, but also to occupy a large amount of property in Chahar. Ezhe was the King of Chahar Khan. Considering his status, Huang Taiji had to betroth his eleven-year-old Gu Lun to him. Because Gege is still young, he can get married in a few years, so let him take a reassurance.

With the marriage policy of Huang Taiji, Chahar and the nobles of the Qing Dynasty married one after another. Huang Taiji betrothed Ezhe’s younger sister, four gege, to Aji E. Qiqige, who grew up on horseback, has a hot and straightforward personality. She has long been attracted to Duoduo and was not satisfied with Huang Taiji’s assignment, so she personally asked to see Huang Taiji and asked to marry Heshuoyu Prince Duoduo. Huang Taiji liked Qiqige’s straightforward character and agreed to her request. Qiqige was so happy.

Tana learns that Dodor is going to marry a “vixen” to come to her house, and she will commit suicide as Bailing. Dodor had been used to her crying and ignored her. Man Yu heard that Qiqige married Duduo as she wished, crying and making trouble in the palace. Was laughed at by Na Muzhong. Zhezhe asks Huang Taiji to marry Manyu to Duoduo, so that the lovers will eventually be married. Huang Taiji believed that Duoduo was her uncle in terms of her name. If Manyu was married to Duoduo, it would not be ethical. The Qing Dynasty was making great efforts to change the customs, and the royal family would not be convinced by the people. Queen Xiuluo had just been there, and she would marry Man Yu to marriage. As the emperor’s daughter, sometimes she couldn’t help herself.

Ezhe became the frontal attachment of the Qing Dynasty, and he could go in and out of the palace freely. When he saw Yu’er in the palace, he became more distracted, and felt that Yu’er was still his favorite. Ezhe stubbornly believes that he and Yu’er were married in Baitang, Guihua City, and she is already his concubine.

Dorgon led his troops to attack the city of Jiazhuang, defender Lu Xiangsheng never surrendered, and then defeated himself and died. Dorgon was deeply admired and erected a tomb for Lu Xiangsheng.

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